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    ‘Digital Signalling’ to be introduced on the ECML

    The ECML looks like it's flat and straight enough for 140 mph running but if you look at maps it is actually mostly several straight alignments joined by short curves which may not be large enough for 140mph running so there's a good chance you'll have to realign the curves if you really want to...
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    Scottish Electrification updates & discussion

    In the document EIA SCREENING EK-B FINAL VERSION 27052, page 5: 1 and 5 covers the entire route from Larkfield Jn to Barrhead with 2, 3 and 4 covering the EK line, so both Barrhead and EK are due to be electrified.
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    Forum upgrade complete

    Ah that works, thanks.
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    Forum upgrade complete

    I might've missed it completely but is there a way to go to the first unread post from the thread list? It was very useful in picking up where you left the thread last time, and it was there in the previous iteration of the forums.
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    Why are people opposed to HS2? (And other HS2 discussion)

    Manchester's capacity problems are much more severe than elsewhere because the infrastructure is clearly incapable of providing the frequencies demanded and all possible capacity solutions short of curtailing services will be extremely disruptive and expensive. And no, substituting frequency for...
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    Petition for Manchester Piccadilly platforms 15 & 16

    I think it's important to see the Castlefield corridor issues as two separate problems: platform use for Piccadilly, Oxford Road and Deansgate, and junction conflicts either side of the corridor. The Northern Hub project to extend Oxford Road platforms and add another two platforms to Piccadilly...
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    Co-acting signals at different points on the line

    A longer platform may have one or two of these signals when the platform is often used by shorter trains and the platform signal is out of view. A few platforms working like this still exist at Glasgow Central but some signals has already been replaced by banner repeaters.
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    Disused tunnel just south of Sheffield station?

    There's this cab video where the train arrives at Sheffield using the flyunder (7:55): It has been speeded up and audio replaced unfortunately but you can use YouTube's controls to slow down or pause the video.
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    Paired by use or paired by direction

    I believe that's why the Trent Valley has bidirectional signalling on the fast lines in the middle - it lets the lines switch over to paired by use so it can still operate if one of the lines is closed.
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    £1.8 billion ETCS King's Cross to Peterborough

    According to the SRS, the signalling between Kings Cross and Peterborough including the Hertford Loop and Northern City lines were originally installed in the 70s, making them 40-50 years old now and they should be due for a replacement in the next decade or so. You would be looking at design...
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    Trackside cabinets

    NR uses an internal 33 kV distribution network to connect up the DC substations as they have to be situated quite close to each other to provide enough power for the 3rd rail.
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    Unused infrastructure and other railway equipment

    It's easier to just lock the tracks and points in place and let it go out of use than to modify the signalling. I can't recall where but on some lines north of Sheffield there are a few disused sidings and their associated signals have already been replaced with LED heads.
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    GWR Class 800

    With the GWML being wired soon and the MML after that there will be pretty much zero IC routes without a significant amount of wires, so bimodes would still be beneficial. We also will have a surplus of 125mph DMUs, so there's no point in adding any more.
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    Second hint from DfT at new DMUs being procured

    Tram-trains are suitable only when you have a preexisting tram network and you want to extend it onto lightly used railway lines. For the majority of the North this is not the case. And as already been said the way trams are used is very different to trains. Moreover, the infrastructure changes...
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    Was 4-track Crossrail considered?

    The MI 09 units on RER A are double decker, have 3 pairs of doors per carriage and are only 10 cm wider than most UK units. The problems here are the platforms and the restrictive loading gauge. The shape of the train tapers from the floor down to the wheels, and the platform overhangs...
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    Was 4-track Crossrail considered?

    The main purpose of Crossrail is to distribute passengers travelling in from the suburbs around central London rather than pushing them all through the tube at Paddington and Liverpool St. Therefore, Crossrail must stop as much as it can within the core. To have a pair of express tracks through...
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    HST's for Scotrails New Franchise

    The WHL stations can take 4x23m units over most of the line, and 6x23m units south from Crianlarich. Even if the 3-car 170s have suitable accleration for the line we'll still lose out on capacity on the Crianlarich-FW-Mallaig section compared to doubled up 156s, so the Sprinters are set to stay...
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    Unqualified enthusiam for electrification?

    In that article, the first picture inside the article (not at the top) has 2 more pictures in its gallery. The last one shows the HOPS train with what I think is the fence for working on open lines.
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    Unqualified enthusiam for electrification?

    Or just standing on top the train tying up the wires as other trains speed by:
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    Unqualified enthusiam for electrification?

    I'm not sure if there will be significant savings in cost from using headspans over portals - while there is some saving in using less materials and less deep foundations (since headspans are lighter), I'd have thought most of the cost in electrification will be project management, logistics...