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  1. Class455

    CrossCountry Voyager carriage alone at Central Rivers

    Went past Central Rivers depot today and happened to notice a single CrossCountry Voyager carriage sitting alone in one of the roads. Any idea what unit this is from and what’s the story behind it? (Eg has it been involved in a recent incident?) Not sure if there’s a Class 221 running in a four...
  2. Class455

    Collision and derailment at Neville Hill Depot (13/11)

    Within the last hour, there has been a collision and a derailment between a HST which was 43300 and an Azuma which is 800 109 according to various Facebook groups. There is considerable damage to both loco and unit, I just hope that nobody was hurt as a result. LNER Twitter has confirmed that as...
  3. Class455

    Derailment at Wakefield Westgate 12/11

    LNER Twitter are reporting that a train has derailed in the Wakefield Westgate area. Any idea what was involved? Hopefully it isn’t too serious
  4. Class455

    Significant disruption on ECML near Durham and Newark 09/10

    There are reports of a train on fire this morning on the Croxdale Viaduct, just outside Durham, all lines are currently blocked as a result. Any idea what service/unit was involved? Hope everybody onboard the train is unhurt and the fire wasn’t too bad
  5. Class455

    Ex LNER Mark 4 sets for TfW

    Now that the Azuma's are nearly in service and Mark 4's are going to be released in the coming weeks, do we know any more details about the three MK4 rakes that Transport for Wales are due to receive from LNER, such as which sets they'll be receiving and when they'll enter service by?
  6. Class455

    Southern Class 455 reformations

    Have been hearing that when the Southern Class 455 fleet were refurbished back in 2003-2004, a few of the units were reformed due to corrosion or other issues, for example 455801 swapped DTSO's with 455825 after 5825 had a collision in Selhurst Depot with 319214. Does anyone know which other...
  7. Class455

    Future LNER London to Huddersfield services

    Hello all, Since I started studying in Huddersfield, I was wondering if LNER still planned to introduce direct services between London King's Cross and Huddersfield since they took over the franchise from VTEC (who previously said that they would be introducing this service) until I stumbled...
  8. Class455

    Class 171 and 377 compatibility

    Was just interested to know, since the Class 171's have Dellner couplers has there been any record or any pictures of a Class 171 coupled to a Class 377, or when one has had to rescue the other in an emergency?
  9. Class455

    TPE loaned Class 170 Leeds - Huddersfield diagrams

    Does anyone know what diagrams that the Class 170 on loan to TPE from Northern operate on for the Leeds - Huddersfield services?
  10. Class455

    LO Class 378 at Purley?

    Whilst on a train at Purley at around 12:30 this afternoon, I happened to see London Overground’s 378232 pass me on Platform 4 heading south. It was showing London Euston on the destination blinds. Any idea where it was heading as I can’t find anything on RTT?
  11. Class455

    Class 376 refurbishment?

    Hi all, I was just wondering, are there any plans for the refurbishment for Southeastern's Class 376 fleet? They're still in pretty much original condition, and now that the Class 375's have all been completed, wouldn't they start treating the 376's too?
  12. Class455

    Southern Class 455's to Tattenham Corner

    Hello all, Following the recent timetable change, does anybody know if there are there still any Monday to Friday diagrams between Tattenham Corner and London that are booked for a 455 or have they all converted to 377's?
  13. Class455

    Best places to spot on the ECML within London

    Hello all, Following the announcement today that VTEC are to cease all operations and to see the new Thameslink services on the ECML, I’m thinking of doing some filming at a station (or two) along the ECML within London, similar to what I did last year on the Thameslink Core. Do you guys have...
  14. Class455

    Gatwick Express Class 387 at Hornsey

    Morning all, just went past Hornsey Depot and noticed that there was a Gatwick Express Class 387 behind a small locomotive there. Any idea what unit it was and what it was doing there? Thought maintenance could be done at Selhurst or Stewart’s Lane
  15. Class455

    Northern Wakefield Westgate to Huddersfield Saturday allocations

    I'm due to travel to Huddersfield tomorrow and travelling on Northern for the first time using their Wakefield Westgate to Huddersfield service both ways. I was wondering, what is generally the allocation for these services on a Saturday? The service that I'm due to travel on both ways (2O72...
  16. Class455

    Southern Class 455 PRM modifications ESG Rail have today been awarded a contract to modify the Southern Class 455's to make them compliant with the 2020 PRM TSI regulations. The work will...
  17. Class455

    Train fire at Sevenoaks 14/09/17

    I have just seen reports from Thameslink's twitter feed that there is a train on fire at Sevenoaks. Any more info as to what unit involved? Hoping nobody was harmed too.
  18. Class455

    Southern start rolling out free Wi-Fi on its trains

    Looks as though Southern are starting to roll out free Wi-Fi onto their fleet today. Had 377 601 today on a London Victoria to Caterham and noticed there were Wi-Fi stickers on the doors. I tried the Wi-Fi,supplied by iComera and it was pretty good apart from one thing that really bugs me...
  19. Class455

    LM Class 319 on Tring services

    Hi guys, Hoping to travel on a London Midland Class 319 when I go on the WCML (either Harrow and Wealdstone or Watford Junction) to spot a Thameslink Class 319 storage move next week. I was wondering which London Euston to Tring diagrams are worked by a Class 319? Also, while I'm at it, is a...
  20. Class455

    Class 455's on Epsom Downs line

    Hi all, I was wondering if there are any Class 455 diagrams left on the Epsom Downs branch. I have been seeing a lot more 10 car 377's on that line and barely any 455's. Although at the start of the year the ex 1P65 08:24 Caterham to London Victoria went on to Epsom Downs after that service, I...