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    Helpful Corona advice from NS

    In The Netherlands a message from the largest TOC clearly sets out new rules
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    Ticketing dispute: Sherlock Holmes still lives on the railway

    The guard is on the ball in this tale of attempted fare evasion between Wigan and Edinburgh. The passenger attempted to fool the guard into thinking he boarded at Carlisle instead of Wigan without realising he was facing Hercule Poirot's descendant disguised in a railway uniform...
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    On train information in a foreign country

    I write this from an ordinary ‘cross country’ IC train in Germany between Leipzig-Hannover. The in-train display shows all the stations, a map and details of connections including local buses and platforms for the next stop. That includes which side to get down from. Apart from a larger screen...
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    Glasgow-Manchester-Glasgow. 8 hours each way. 24-25 May

    Due to serious disruption my journeys took 8 hours each way. Reading other recent threads I understand there were problems beyond TOCs' control. My issue is the inability of hard-pressed staff to transmit reliable information to passengers. On my outward journey Virgin delivered us to Carlisle...
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    Kim Jong Un train problems in Vladivostok

    Kim Jong-un arrived in Vladivostok on Wednesday after a brief stop in the Russian border city of Hasan as he prepares for his first summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. As Kim's train rolled into the station two guards were filmed frantically wiping down the door he was due to use...
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    Near miss in Illinois

    According to a local news source
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    Reliability of TPEX Glasgow-Man Aiport?

    On Thursday 12/7 I plan to take the 04:22 Transpennine Express service to Manchester Airport arriving 08:47. My flight from MAN closes check-in at 09:35 in Terminal 1. If the train arrives on-time I will have no problems. Does anybody have information on the reliability of this service given...
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    When buying a car costs less than your train journey.... Another example of price gouging? It would be interesting to know what percentage of tickets are sold at these premium rates
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    Przemyl (PL)-Lviv (UA) without gauge change?

    I was intrigued by reports of a new service from the Polish city of Przemyśl to Ukraine as fas as Kiev which uses broad gauge stock thereby obviating the axle change at the border. It also offers on-train border control and competitive fares. This Wikipedia entry is a bit confusing. Can...
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    St Pancras International - Poor Signage

    The refurbished STP is a joy to behold but I was not impressed on my first visit as a departing passenger with the platform directions. As a passenger I need one single departure board at the entrance showing time, destination and platform number for all services from that station. Instead...
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    Gauge change at Brest (Belarus)

    How is it possible to observe this process? If the only way is as a passenger which train do I need to take and can I exit the train to get a better view? Thanks for any help