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    clarification on split ticketing

    There are other anomalies where a ticket to a fixed station may be better than a boundary zone ticket. For instance, a holder of a Freedom Pass and a Senior Railcard travelling from Headcorn on a day return to London on the 09:15 weekday departure from Headcorn would pay £11.05 if a ticket to...
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    Ashford to Birmingham International and York

    I need to make a day return next week from Ashford (Kent) to Birmingham International and then on York with return direct from York to Ashford via Kings Cross/St Pancras. The first part could be fixed but the other two legs need to be flexible. I am no expert in the routeing guide but I...
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    TrainsCanBeCheaper - New Booking Engine

    I tried a day return journey from Ashford (Kent) to Liskeard leaving after 07:00 on 04 April and was given an arrival time of 15:35 even using intensive search on a £112.50 ticket outward route Victoria, Clapham Junction whereas an arrival time of 13:34 is possible via Paddington for the same...
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    Break of journey

    Using a ticket where break of journey is permitted, is it permissible to break the journey at one station and resume further down the line? For instance, on a Penzance to Plymouth journey would it be allowable to get off a train at Camborne and rejoin a later train at Redruth? To take an...
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    New sleeper service?

    Where is the "paucity of flights" to Cornwall in summer? There are seasonal flights from Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Doncaster/Sheffield and Birmingham to Newquay. Admittedly most of these aren't daily but they are scheduled for the periods of highest demand.
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    Ever had a carriage/whole train to yourself?

    The last train of the day from Martigny to Le Chatelard in Switzerland is a request train - you have to ring ahead if you wish to travel; no train runs if there are no passengers. If you travel beyond Salvan/Les Marecottes you are more likely than not to be alone on the train.
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    Appropriate route when crossing London

    Thanks for all your responses. I don't really doubt that the Underground/DLR portion of the journey (using the most direct route) would be OK if the ticket was checked on the Underground, my hesitation is on whether there might be trouble exiting from HS1 at Stratford and whether a...
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    Appropriate route when crossing London

    When using a ticket with a Maltese Cross, travelers are required to use an appropriate route on the Underground. On a journey from Ramsgate to Banbury via HS1, would taking DLR & Underground from Stratford International to Marylebone be an "appropriate route"?
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    Peak trains on Sunday

    I have misconstrued the problem and, as stated above, it doesn't arise if booking from Tonbridge itself. However if one books Headcorn - Gatwick, the result shown is the via London fare for trains that are (due to diversions) via Edenbridge. Indeed Trainsplit recommends a split at Tonbridge...
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    Peak trains on Sunday

    I am travelling to Gatwick airport this Sunday and I am very surprised to see that several trains from Tonbridge to Redhill only have peak fares showing on the Trainline and Southern ticketing websites. For instance, on the 11:30 and 11:58 ex Tonbridge off-peak tickets are not shown as valid...
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    Network Railcard - Midnight

    The pragmatic question is whether a Network Railcard discounted ticket, dated from the day before, will operate the barriers on the SouthEastern platforms at St Pancras after midnight? No-one would want to get into a validity argument for the 00:12 to Ashford as it is the last train of the day...
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    Network Railcard - Midnight

    In order to try to verify what logic was being used, I tried to book a Kentish Town - Ashford ticket on the SouthEastern website. The 23:01 from Kentish Town allows a Network Railcard discount to be applied but the 23:50 does not. Both journeys begin before midnight and end after. It is...
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    Network Railcard - Midnight

    I know that a Network Railcard is not valid before 10am but given that the "railway day" starts at (I think) 04:30, I had assumed it was valid for post-midnight departures. However, on checking on the Southeastern website, there seems to be no railcard-discounted fare on the 00:12 HS1 departure...
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    Journey after foot operation

    Thanks for your ideas and help. I had considered the reserve-two-facing-seats route but the earlier thread about bags on seats had put me off. In the old days, a solution would have been to take the sleeper to Exeter (when there were dedicated Exeter coaches - I can remember this) and this may...
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    Staplehurst to Woolwich Arsenal via Strood

    I recently had to fly from London City Airport and thought I might travel via Woolwich Arsenal (for DLR). None of the journey planners I tried would give a fare via Strood from Staplehurst although they will from Paddock Wood. Is via Srood a permitted route from Staplehurst? I would have...
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    Journey after foot operation

    A friend has to travel unaccompanied next week between London and Devon and, following a foot operation, has to keep one foot raised (above knee level) during the journey. Any suggestions as to how this might be practical by rail? Possible destinations are Axminster or Tiverton Parkway and...
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    Ticket & Travel statistics

    I am trying to estimate how many travellers would benefit significantly (by more than, say, £10) from splitting their tickets. As a first stage, I am looking for a comprehensive breakdown of rail travel by distance, fare, ticket type etc. Can anyone point me to a suitable database? I realise...
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    Specific train not shown on booking engines

    Thanks everybody. If I follow your advice I will be in the unusual position of picking up my tickets (from a machine) after the recommended train has departed from Ashford. Is this likely to cause a problem?
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    Specific train not shown on booking engines

    I want to but an advance from Ashford (Kent) to Manchester tomorrow(Monday) using HS1 and then travelling on the 12:20 from Euston. I've tried a couple of booking engines but none offer this train with Advance tickets (as it is never the fastest with the standard connection times) but I wish...
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    Stations next to the beach

    Marazion (closed)