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    VTEC HST on the Durham Coast Line

    I'm used to seeing Grand Central ECS moves on the Durham Coast Line, but as I was looking out of my kitchen window this morning, I saw a VTEC HST trundle past heading towards Newcastle. I've never seen before. Does anyone have any idea why that might have happened?
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    New XC safety notices

    Anyone spotted these? Click for image
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    Buying season tickets - why so long?

    This isn't a whine about people, it's a question about the hoops that the people have to jump through in order to do their job! Every month, I used to buy the same season ticket. Durham - Darlington, with Plusbus at the Darlington end. And, invariably, no matter which end I bought it from, it...
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    Terrified tube passenger - advice?

    My other half scares easily. She doesn't like flying, won't go beyond the first rung of a step ladder, and absolutely hates trains. We're off to London next week. I've managed to get her calmed down about the trip on EC from Durham to Kings Cross, but the notion of going on the Underground...
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    Oyster "Add an existing card"

    I'm off to London for a few days later in the month. My other half is coming with me, and as we're going to be using the tube a bit (but not enough to get travelcards), we're going to grab her an Oyster card. I've already got one from when I used to visit London for business, and in the...