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  1. will1337

    Lima HST Power Cars Query

    I recently bought a set of two Lima HST power cars second hand which are the first models I've bought and they are intended to be static for the time being with a few carriages. There is a dummy PC and a functional one and they are both in Intercity Executive livery, both of them are...
  2. will1337

    Southern 90% off all advance tickets tomorrow

    Got an email from Southern and they are giving 90% off advance fares if you book them tomorrow, they are £12.50 / £7.50 / £5 so £1.25 / 75p / 50p respectively and child and railcard discounts still apply.
  3. will1337

    NXEC £9 flat fare AP offer.

    NXEC are offering flat fare advance purchase tickets to "almost anywhere" on the NXEC routes for £9 each way with a voucher. I took a look and they seem to be a fair few available to Edinburgh so a trip may be needed. You have to book before midnight on Tue 5th May...
  4. will1337

    Virgin West Mids Diverts Mileage

    I was on the 1355 Pendo from Stockport - Euston today. After Stafford it avoided Wolverhampton going along a line where there was Wednesfield Heath, then through Tame Bridge Parkway on to New Street. Does anyone have the mileage for this bit from Stafford to New Street please, as I can't find it.
  5. will1337

    Advance Sheffield - St P.

    I bought one today - £11.90 with Y-P originally expecting the ticket to be 1st class, as on their website and NRES' the cheapest STD adv was £8.80 and the cheapest 1st adv should have been this ticket. I told the man at the ticket office this, who could not find any 1st advance fares for the...
  6. will1337

    Lucca Station, Tuscany

    Visited Lucca recently and sadly did not have my camera but thankfully was able to borrow brothers' and take some shots of the station. Hope you enjoy:
  7. will1337

    Class 313

    Am I the only person who likes these and will be very sad to see them go from the NLL/WLL/Watford DC next year or so? They are so cosy inside and inviting. Not a huge fan of the FCC 313s though, too many coupled together, it doesn't feel right. :smile: :smile:
  8. will1337

    Train seen just out of Marylebone today

    Did 86 miles today around London on a travelcard including catching the XC Voyager from Kensington Olympia to East Croydon today and covering bits of the Thameslink route I hadn't before. At about 15:27 I left Marylebone on a 165 and saw a train made up of coaches (I think mark 3) in an...