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  1. will1337

    Nexus unveils the NE answer to Oyster

    Admittedly this only happens in some places where there's a good view from the station, but I have been caught out on Sundays with 1tph. I can't think of any examples other than South Ruislip but I left the station for about 5 minutes, tried to touch in and had to wait a few more minutes...
  2. will1337

    Nexus unveils the NE answer to Oyster

    I think that smart cards are going to lead to a lot of fare rises and confusion, especially if there are lots of differently branded local schemes even if they are all compatible. There'll be a lot more stupidity like trying to catch a 09:31 train with Oyster and not being able to touch in...
  3. will1337

    Longest journey time on direct train compared to direct distance

    Syon Lane - Richmond is 1.7 miles as the crow flies but 3.2 miles by road due to the Thames. Direct train (quickest route) is 23 minutes, giving 4.4mph (actual distance) or 8.2mph (road distance). Distance by rail is 6.5 miles. I'd think that there are similar journeys on some other South...
  4. will1337

    Parry People Mover on mid hants railway

    This is the PPM at the MHR, photographed on the 29th Jan. I would rather be on the 205 that I was on.
  5. will1337

    Which stations have through platforms with buffer stops on them?

    Sheringham has a buffer stop but the line continues over the level crossing to the North Norfolk Railway. I think that at Ormskirk the rails stop at the end of electrification and there are two sets of buffers.
  6. will1337

    East Coast Vista Sidebar

    Don't fill in the destination and then it will show all trains from the departure station.
  7. will1337

    Busiest Level Crossing?

    The two level crossings on Vine Road, Barnes at the very end of the Hounslow loop and on the Reading line are very busy. About 20tph pass through off peak.
  8. will1337

    WSMR to finish

    A few photos. I've just got in and edited them. Great journey up to Tame Bridge Parkway with everyone friendly. Took a Pendo back home to London afterwards.[email protected]/sets/72157625928082644/
  9. will1337

    WSMR to finish

    I am on the 1830 now in coach b, the buffet is running out of alcohol rapidly and there are people standing. Marylebone was busy and the main PIS on the departure boards had a message saying that it was the last day of W&S operations and wishing the staff and passengers well.
  10. will1337

    WSMR to finish

    You can buy a ticket from Chiltern Railways. The booking engine automatically shows route High Wycombe trains along with Virgin. Edit: The price I quoted was railcard discounted.
  11. will1337

    WSMR to finish

    Advances on the last train from Marylebone to Tame Bridge Parkway are still available at £16.90 unless I've just bought the last one.
  12. will1337

    Stations with no monitors

    I don't believe that Wakefield Kirkgate has either, or it didn't when I was there. Several platforms with quite a long subway and no idea which one to be at.
  13. will1337

    HST charity tour to MNR

    I am highly tempted, Syston to Ely is new track for me, as is the MNR and I've still yet to go on a railtour.
  14. will1337

    Waterloo to Addlestone... or is is Weybridge?

    Reading trains run via Hounslow at 1826 and 1856 to Waterloo calling at Hounslow, Brentford, Putney and CLJ, it's a shame that there aren't more, it's a tedious journey stopping everywhere. I live very close to Hounslow station and depending on traffic it can be marginally faster to get the 281...
  15. will1337

    Night Photography

    Crossforth, which camera do you use? For night with good artificial lighting and static subject I'd go to 1/10th at f4 and ISO3200 which is fine for internet jpgs and smaller prints. If you have a shallower subject then you can get away with a larger aperture, up to about f2. IS/SR is...
  16. will1337

    East Coast Scuppered

    Was due to take the 15:54 YRK-KGX today but it was cancelled so took a very late running 12:32 which made extra stops at Newark NG and Grantham. Every other train from York was cancelled and the boards were full of trains which should have arrived a few hours ago. Arrived at KGX about 3 hours...
  17. will1337

    People Just Dont Understand The Enthusiast

    I agree with the sentiments on this thread about how railway enthusiasm can help with geographical knowledge. It can lead to a much greater sense of confidence when darting around the country too. There's a freedom in knowing many places and being on the move. You can end up in places that you'd...
  18. will1337

    Are Metrolink Going OTT

    I don't understand this thread. We are a country which underinvests in public transport infrastructure. When we do it tends to be in smaller projects. So long as it isn't to the detriment of heavy rail I fully support any tram projects. The metrolink expansion will make a massive difference to...
  19. will1337

    21st Century Races to the North

    Similar races have happened recently, there was one posted on this forum of the plane vs train from somewhere in London to Edinburgh. Top Gear does similar car vs x challenges although they are highly dramatised.
  20. will1337

    start from scratch...

    1. The line goes up to the end of Skye to connect with ferries to Harris. Possibly a PPM type service. 2. I'm not sure of the geography of that part of the lakes but the intention is to better connect the north and south lakes. 3. There should be a line to Peterhead, perhaps the Inverness line...