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  1. TheNewNo2

    Star Trek Discovery

    (note: the old thread was closed The season finale of Star Trek: Discovery season 1 came out on Netflix today, so I thought I'd air my thoughts on it. I came into the season with mixed feelings. I desperately wanted Discovery to...
  2. TheNewNo2

    Incident at Nailsea & Backwell 2018-01-08 Not really much information on it at this point, mostly innuendo. By the sound of it the woman was found dying in her house, and then the man got hit by a train either before or during arrest. The station...
  3. TheNewNo2

    Wimbledon Branch

    Why is the track between Putney Bridge and Wimbledon shared with NR? I know there are about three trains per day, at awkward times, which use it, but I'm struggling to understand why. Is it purely to maintain a parliamentary service over the chord at Putney? It's not like the line can be used...
  4. TheNewNo2

    Derailment at Paddington - 2017-08-20

    It seems that an HST, reputedly the 1157 to Penzance, has derailed at Paddington. That makes this week's casualty count one crash, two derailments and a buffer stop collision.
  5. TheNewNo2


    I was travelling through Basingstoke last month and saw a 444 coupled to a 450. The 450 had a broken window, so I assumed it was just some sort of rescue operation. But on Saturday at Waterloo I again saw a 450 coupled to a 444. Is this usual? I'd never seen it until Basingstoke.
  6. TheNewNo2

    London to Salisbury via Romsey

    Quick question. I am intending to buy an open return London to Totnes. I'm planning to go the West of England route via Salisbury, however I was wondering if a diversion via Eastleigh and Romsey would be a valid route. So London-Basingstoke-Eastleigh-Romsey-Salisbury-Exeter-Totnes.
  7. TheNewNo2

    Trivia: Best bus route for the ill

    I've been having some medical issues recently, and this got me thinking about bus routes. I live on the Isle of Dogs, and so when I went to hospital I took the D3 bus to the Royal London Hospital. But the D3 bus also goes past the following medical establishments: * Bethnal Green Chest...
  8. TheNewNo2

    Irish Railways car numbers

    In the UK, each car of a multiple unit has its own number, and you can search them using Is there anything similar for Irish railways? I'm specifically trying to find car 29227.
  9. TheNewNo2

    Thameslink 700 diagrams

    Does anyone know what diagrams are being covered by class 700s now?
  10. TheNewNo2

    London bus destination indicators

    It struck me the other day that pretty much every bus in London, even the most recent ones, still use destination blinds. By comparison in Nottingham, Bristol or Cambridge, every bus uses LED displays, and has done for years. Why is London so far behind the times with this?
  11. TheNewNo2

    Walking the Northern Heights

    A few weeks ago, I set out to walk the old Northern Heights. As you may know, the Northern Heights was a plan to extend the Northern Line which got canned due to the Second World War. It took the route of the old Edgware, Highgate and London Railway, which ran from Edgware to Moorgate via...
  12. TheNewNo2

    Identify the Journalist

    I met this guy at the opening of Lea Bridge. I think he said he was from ITV, but I didn't get his name. Does anyone know who he is? IMGP3079 by Matt Buck, on Flickr
  13. TheNewNo2

    Furthest point below the Underground

    I took a walk today along the Northern Heights from Alexandra Palace to Edgware. Very nice, and along the way I walked under the Dollis Brook Viaduct, which, as everyone knows, is the highest point above ground level that the tube reaches (18m). This set me wondering. By walking under it, I...
  14. TheNewNo2

    A Puzzle For You All

    This is this week's Riddler from FiveThirtyEight, which I here present in a more railway-esque format. It's a nice little brain-teaser.
  15. TheNewNo2

    Bill Cosby charged with aggravated indecent assault

    Prosecutors in Pennsylvania have finally charged Bill Cosby with rape. This image shows all the women who have (currently) accused him of rape: Cosby is alleged to be a serial rapist who would drug women and then rape them. I...
  16. TheNewNo2

    All UK coal power stations to close by 2025?

    Mod Note: Split from this thread. Source On behalf of the planet, about ****ing time.
  17. TheNewNo2

    Trivia: Stations in line of sight

    I was arriving at Greenwich on the DLR today, and noticed that, from just outside the station, one could see down the line to Deptford. This set me wondering - what pairs of stations (along a line - no KGX/STP) are there where you can see one from the other? My initial thoughts are...
  18. TheNewNo2

    Trivia: Stations where the code does not match the name

    I was on a train through Bristol the other day, and realised I'd written down the station code for Bedminster as BDM instead of BMT. BDM is of course the station code for Bedford, despite the fact there's no M in it (I assume the M comes from Midland). This led me to wondering what other...
  19. TheNewNo2


    (Warning: This post and I assume those of anyone who replies will contain spoilers for SPECTRE) I figure that as Bond film are a cultural touchstone, it was about time we had a discussion about the latest one. I have to say, I was very disappointed with Spectre. The plot seemed to be too...
  20. TheNewNo2

    Half week in Wales

    I'm planning a trip for next week as a bit of a holiday. I'll be setting off from Nailsea & Backwell on Tuesday, heading to Porthmadog (hopefully taking in Aberystwyth on the way) for three nights, then doing the Welsh Highland Railway and the end of the Cambrian return to Pwllheli (possibly...