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  1. cjp

    Standards for M and E tickets?

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #26 originally in this thread. Are there no standards for these electronic tickets? There is a standard for the nice orange cards but of course even those get replaced by till roll tickets when bought on a train. As I said earlier I will stick to my pieces of card for now...
  2. cjp

    refunds, excesses and administration charges

    We all know that TOC charge ten pounds to change things and this might mean a ticket has little or no value. There do this under part F of the National Conditions of Travel I do not know how much administration is involved but it strikes me as odd in a monopolistic sense that the ten pound...
  3. cjp

    Scotrail telesales

    Just dealt with a very helpful lady who organized with no grief my tickets and bike reservations. Sadly she told me in conversation that the Fort William Scotrail sales is closing and it is all being transferred to Glasgow. There is not a lot of job opportunities up there and they have always...
  4. cjp

    Cycle reservations and online booking

    Which companies currently offer the ability to book a cycle a reservation on line as well seat reservation? My old favourites have let me down
  5. cjp

    Santander Branches to close

    Call me a cynic but I suspect that the branch staff have for years been shooting themselves in the foot by their approaching people entering the branch to "help them" with the help usually being to encourage people to use the machines rather than cashiers. Add to this fewer cashier points being...
  6. cjp

    Chiltern App March 2018

    Chiltern have pulled the bung on their old app which was good for getting next train times. Their new offering is going down like a lead balloon to judge by the reviews - cannot figure out how to upload the screen shot but here is a link...
  7. cjp

    First East Coast (new Open Access Operator) to be standard class only?!

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #4 originally in this thread. Really? o_O That's me gone then.
  8. cjp

    Update April 2018-Crossrail and Cycle carriage policy

    The future is worse for cyclist. At the moment I can get trains to Liverpool Street. At the moment I can get trains to Paddington. I can link the two either by cycling, or, outside rush hours, I can get a ride on H&C line. I then continue my journey by bike. Not in the future...
  9. cjp

    Which browsers do you mainly use

    The latest update for Firefox was a step too far in that as well as a number of my so useful extensions being stopped by their latest policy for add-ons I lost sound from the BBC other than the weather forecast. Originally a Netscape user I finally jumped ship by exporting my bookmarks and...
  10. cjp

    Caledonian Sleeper - good and bad

    Travelled up to Inverness last Friday. First experience of sleeper lounge care without longitudinal seating just table layout. Sadly it was full of drinkers (all first class?) so I had to forgo my meal of Haggis and had an early night instead - saved on ££s and calories.:( My next discovery...
  11. cjp

    Say NO to Smart Meters

    Perhaps you should say NO to a smart meter whilst you can? I was seeking confirmation that smart meters could be used to turn off supplies remotely - which I found - and then I came across this this which has quite scary implications as more and more smart meters are being installed...
  12. cjp

    Electric Car Nation

    I find the latest announcement of 2040 to see the end of Diesel Car sales to make GB healthier "incongruous " given the recently announced decisions to cut back on rail electrification. Or should one just accept this as another example of political posturing and avoidance of admitting the...
  13. cjp

    Virgin East Coast site more expensive than Virgin West Coast? (update: solved)

    1840 departure from Glasgow to Euston 5th August booked for £36.30 on West Coast. East Coast for the same train quoted £52.80. Both Advance singles with a senior rail card. Only thing is I now have to ring Virgin West Coast for cycle reservation.
  14. cjp

    Freedom Passes

    In London people are lucky enough to be able to us their bus passes on both Tube and Railway service (with one or two exceptions such as Heathrow Express) and the card gets called a Freedom Pass and acts like a free to use Oyster card. I have no idea how much might be saved if a flat fare were...
  15. cjp

    Hong Kong - South Island line

    Today was the first day of operation linking the north & south of the island and it so much quicker than the congested tunnel. I think it is their version of the DLR - driverless unstaffed three carriage trains running every 4/5 minutes. Not third rail but overhead electrics like the rest of...
  16. cjp

    USA Election

    How did they ever get to this world changing event and having to choose between Trump or Clinton? Of all the many people in the USA these two power hungry people are all they can come up with? It is so scary. It will all be over in 24 hours.
  17. cjp

    Kings Cross to Edinburgh Thursday 8th

    Kings cross to Edinburgh departure 8am Thursday - any idea which platform and will the bicycle store be down the front - coach P - with first class at the back as usual? Clearly first class passengers still do not realise how quick and easy it is to get around town on a bike, even the ones who...
  18. cjp

    Today's Pet hate - tipping & self service

    Why tip? I chose my job I do my job and beyond satisfaction, pay and the odd thanks that is all the reward I expect. Why do taxi drivers who may well be owner drivers who have a fair (to me expensive) tariff expect more for just doing their job. (Chances are if you live in a big city like...
  19. cjp

    EU Referendum - my vote

    This is a place to declare if all the discussion here and elsewhere has changed your opinion. It also give you a fresh chance to declare your vote should you choose. This is not a place for discussion or challenging mine or other members views. If you want to do that go here...
  20. cjp

    due a refund on 21-2-16 sleeper ex Inverness?

    I am not sure what time we finally arrived from Inverness into Euston but it was not a good nights sleep with a false (thank goodness) fire alarm going off at 0407 - and I can tell you have not got up and got dressed so quickly in long time:D Good on-board Staff though. There was special...