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    6100 Royal Scot

    Needs the boiler and smoke box doing again!
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    Class 334 Whining Traction Motors

    I would assume this noise is the Traction motors, the noise would vary depending on load, speed, temperature? and maybe the length of time since the unit last had an exam of the motors? Hope this is correct info, anyone who can devolop/correct me feel free!
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    Another random one on Settle-Carlisle

    It has to be propelled, there's no propulsion system on board! :roll:
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    Pathfinder - The Coal Grinder

    Was a great day, throughly enjoyed it! :D Looking forward to the 3-2-C tour in June.
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    Pathfinder - The Coal Grinder - 24/03/2012

    Just wondering, does anyone know how long the stops are (if there is any) and what is the longest one? Just wondering this so we can get chips and drinks etc. :)
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    Trains in awkward places-REVISITED

    Hehe I could'nt be bothered using the proper code ;)
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    Trains in awkward places-REVISITED

    There was 2x LM 170's on the BHM-LLS service a few months ago, I wouldn't call it unusual as this route used to be everyday normalities for the 170's before 350's etc. Another case in what I would say is rare but not unusual as it operated in previous years but last month an EMT HST came to...
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    Pathfinder - The Coal Grinder - 24/03/2012

    I'm on it :D It will be an interesting trip, very much looking forward to it! I'm in coach A so maxium sound will be available to me ;) Joining at Crewe so will also be a long day for me!
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    If I am correct then every British train certainly has a DSD however only modern locos/units are fitted with the vigilence alarm
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    Interesting topic this is! I agree with mostthings said, but Bestwestern mentioned AWS is not linked to the DSD but if I recall correctly the DSD works on atimer and if the driver doesn't move the controls for a set period if time then am alarm will sound which he has to cancel within 5 to 10...
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    Lizzie's light engine move today

    Got cancelled due to unavailablility of Crewe Heritage Centre....... It came this morning.
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    Steam at Stafford?

    Lizzie is on site now at CHC
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    AWS bings, bells and beeps

    I think he open the cock like you do on loco's but not too sure
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    crewe heritage centre

    46035 if its under a brown one
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    crewe heritage centre

    46035 is one of Watermans 'Projects' ever since it came a few years ago its been like that. What waste it is clogging up our sidings with that and his other crap, but hey I read in a magazine a few weeks ago someones interested in buying it!
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    The Pallatine

    Hi there folks Will return through Crewe at about 5 and will it be hauled by diesel or electric Cheers Andrew
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    Google StreetView trainspotting,-2.994847&sspn=0.015722,0.045447&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Stafford,+United+Kingdom&ll=52.805469,-2.124487&spn=0.000905,0.005681&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=52.805468,-2.124489&panoid=1llyZVnNMYvWc0FcIlTmZQ&cbp=11,282.94,,1,2...