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    UK's most cancelled train service

    Just seen this article: How correct is this? I feel like the Harwich - Cambridge boat train didn't run at all for well over a month?
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    Fastest growing bus routes in UK?

    A lot of what's going on with bus and coach routes in the UK is doom and gloom, but there must be some shining example of success (I have one locally...) What examples of greatly growing bus routes are there? I'm looking for cases where the growth has occurred over a number of years and...
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    Super Off Peak Return Cambridge- Stratford

    Hello Is a Super Off Peak Day Travelcard valid on the 0531 Cambridge to Stratford? Thanks!
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    Unofficial RailUKforums Greater Anglia timetable change sweepstake!

    Tomo... err... today's the day! 12 Norwich - Cambridge trains are timetabled to extend to Stansted Airport! But over the last 7 days almost 2/3 of trains haven't made it as far as Cambridge! How many trains do we think will make it all the way to Stansted? Can miracles happen? Or will...
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    Cambridge to Holland ticket: what would happen if disruption caused a missed ferry?

    Hello I'm thinking about travelling from Cambridge to Holland overnight, staying a night, and returning. What would happen in the event of disruption causing me to miss the ferry at Harwich? It looks like 6 out of the last 10 Cambridge - Harwich trains haven't run! (I realise that this doesn't...
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    Soham station re-opening

    The Cambridge & Peterborough Combined Authority had signed a contract for the building of a new station at Soham, on the little used (by passenger trains) line between Ely and Bury St Edmunds (and which doesn't currently allow a direct link to Cambridge)...
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    Estonian railways during storm

    The story of a train that made it's way through a part of rural Estonia affected by a bad storm that had taken out power and the signalling system, by way of first the train crew clearing fallen trees, then both the train crew and passengers, and finally also friends of passengers. Can you...
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    Thameslink Services / Timetable from 18 May 2019

    The old thread at is probably a bit long and now a year old... How do we think things are going to go this May? Better than before? Will the new weekend services actually happen this time?
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    When is the latest you can renew a student railcard?

    Hello! What's the latest time you can renew a student railcard (as a mature student)? Is it just before teaching ends? Just before graduation?
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    Using anti-harassment legislation and consent orders to get TOCs to back down?

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #3 originally in this thread. So I always take things like this in the attack, not necessarily with the intention of following through, but with the intention of giving them something to distract themselves with. The train company concerned is clearly harassing you. This...
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    Cambridge - Ipswich area period return with breaks of journey

    Hello I'd like to do the following journeys on weekdays, with a 16-25 railcard. Day 1 - Cambridge (or Cambridge North) to Ipswich (morning rush hour) - Ipswich to Westerfield or Felixstowe (evening rush hour) Day 2 - Felixstowe or Westerfield to Ipswich (morning rush hour) - Ipswich to...
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    Health and safety in a different land...

    Posted by the Estonian train operator today: Many thanks to the young man who on train 241 Tallinn - Viljandi (1417-1636) today went to help the driver, so that a tree which had fallen onto the railway was lifted away. Just imagine if that had happened here...
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    Delay Repay claim refused by GTR after hour plus delay

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #10 were originally in this thread. Myself (KGX to CBG; 1h+ delay as went via Liverpool Street) and a friend (KGX-PBO; 2h+ delay) have both had our delay repay claims refused on the basis that we were only delayed 10m!!!:?::!::so_O:'(<(
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    Great Northern at Cambridge North and disruption

    My local station is Cambridge North, and while I've given up trying to go to Ipswich from it because connecting onto the hourly service just doesn't seem to work and leads to hour long delays, I have been clinging on to the idea that I can make my weekly trip to London from there. In theory it...
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    Ticket pickup problems

    I couldn't pick up my ticket at Cambridge North because the system is apparently down to some extent, and am just about to travel to Kings Cross to try and get it there (on gateline staff suggestion). To what extent should I expect this to not be as straightforward as I'd hope? :-(
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    Ely Blockade - Poor communcation from Thameslink Great Northern

    From today there are replacement bus services between Ely and King's Lynn for a week. There have been posters (and electronic messages on the displays inside the Electrostars). So so far so good, while there is the unfortunate case of the online timetables not being updated until much later...
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    Are there statistics for the biggest passenger flows

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get information about the most popular journeys (ie station to station, or station to group of stations etc) made in the UK? I've been given passenger timetables for 87 and 99, and am having a fascinating time comparing the ups and downs of UK train travel...
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    Can I break a journey on a GN Carnet Single?

    Hello I have a carnet single from KX to Cambridge and want to break my journey at Stevenage. Is this allowed? Thanks! Edit: I did try their website: Page not found...
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    Booking office unable to sell tickets

    Hello I tried to buy some tickets at the booking office at Cambridge station as I have some delay repay vouchers from a very unsuccessful trip last year that are close to running out. National Rail and the train operator websites all showed a choice of three early morning departures from...
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    Who should delay repay claim(s) be made to?

    Hello Would be very grateful if someone can point me in the right direction... My mum did a return journey on Scotrail > VT East Coast > East Midlands Trains services, using tickets bought from Scotrail. On the outward journey the East Midlands leg was delayed by 80 mins. On the...