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    Disused lines with cycle paths

    Lots round Durham - from Relly Mill you can get follow the 3 routes to Bishop Auckland, Waterhouses and Consett. There's also Consett to Birtley, Consett to Rowlands Gill and Consett to Rowley and beyond - this one takes you over Hownes Gill viaduct.
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    Steam Locos and Turntables/ Wyes

    Yes indeed - and operational issues can make pathing at the KE triangle problematic, but occasionally trying to get through to Heaton can be <interesting> too. It's such a shame that the High Level Bridge is closed to steam these days. Now that turning of HST power cars at Heaton has stopped...
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    Steam Locos and Turntables/ Wyes

    Looking at Gurgle Earth, it looks as though there are a couple of places where it's been severed. The formation is still there, but who would pay for its restoration?
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    Steam Locos and Turntables/ Wyes

    The triangle at the south end of the KE Bridge can also be used, of course
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    Coxhoe station

    The page does work HERE although I did initially get a 'domain for sale?' page when I copy/pasted the original post address. I then went to , then 'Transport and outings' in the LHS menu, then the 'Leamside line' link, if my link fails :)
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    Coxhoe station

    The line to Coxhoe actually went a little further than Coxhoe (WH) station. It served the original Bowburn colliery workings until the new shaft was sunk on what is now the Bowburn (South) Industrial Estate,and also the quarry workings over there too. There's a photo in a book I've read that...
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    Has the Virgin brand name become toxic?

    Branson is on record as saying, during/after the banking crisis, that, in essence "The government shouldn't bail out BA - if it fails, so be it. Other airlines will step in or new ones will take its place". Oh, the irony of him hoping for a bail out now...
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    Station Suffixes

    There's Oldham (Werneth) too, of course. Pretty unique? Durham Elvet - can't think of another Elvet either...
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    Remaining operation semaphore signals on the U.K. Railway Network

    Much of the Blyth & Tyne is still signalled with semaphores.
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    Class 124 questions

    Try this :) Mark
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    Class 124 questions

    There's a picture just gone up on the Facebook group "Scarborough & Whitby Railway" of one of these sets climbing up to the summit at Ravenscar in 1962. Almost certainly a weekend excursion, but a remarkable photo in many ways. Those sets were definitely not regulars on that line! Mark
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    Looking for pre-1970 timetables of now disused railway lines in North Yorkshire

    The North Eastern Railway Association ( ) has some timetables, but a visit to the Ken Hoole Study facility at Head of Steam, Darlington, might be a good place. Apologies; I don't have contact details to hand, but a call to Head of Steam would probably get you details of how...
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    Darlington - Newcastle

    If the weather's kind, the Durham Coast line is quite scenic for most of its length. Well worth a trip out. Not as spectacular as the view across Durham City as you come out of the cutting just south of Durham station and onto the viaduct, when on northbound trains on the ECML, I suggest - but...
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    Delay at Stockton 23/01

    Local reports suggested that a body was found on the line, but didn't appear to have been hit by a train.
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    Class 124 questions

    It was a 124 set in 1972/3/4 - I travelled in it on occasion. I have often wondered why a 124 set was on that particular working - your post makes perfect sense. What a shame that the Southport 'Club Train' from Man Vic wasn't similarly replaced - but at least many Man Vic - Southport services...
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    Most historic station

    Quite so. Have you seen the marvellous model railway called "Worlds End" which attempts (and, to my mind, succeeds) to capture the scene there? The signal box, viaduct, gardens, river - it's all there :)
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    Alliance Blackpool service to be run by Grand Central and start in 2021

    It's actually in Fleetwood - and it's very well used.
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    Did steam locos travel to scrapyards under their own steam?

    There are quite a few photos around of locomotives under their own power making their way to Darlington for breaking up - the last T1 4-8-0 tank and some A5s spring to mind.
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    Saphos Trains - The Golden Arrow - Sat 26/10/19

    It's a regular feature of many steam departures from Victoria - and the banking diesel isn't coupled on, but simply drops back once its task is complete, in the time-honoured manner. Still legal, otherwise it wouldn't be allowed.
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    Saphos Trains - The Golden Arrow - Sat 26/10/19

    Charter responsible DRs are very limited - to £5k, I think? However, rather than wash dirty laundry in public, giving ammunition to those who would happily see steam banned from the main line, surely it's more productive to hope that, to coin a phrase, 'lessons will be learnt'. After all...