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    Earlestown Fire (20/05)

    The West curve at Earlstown is P3
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    Earlestown Fire (20/05)

    You can see some of the damage to the OHLE in this photo taken from Facebook - credit Neil Brabbs whose industrial unit was also burnt out in the fire
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    Surely the FDS is a safety critical system and should always be on - a fire can start even with no PAX onboard! Also, if a manual override is needed to turn the heating/cooling off, it should be to turn it off for ECS and so the units revert to 'on' when the unit stops at its first pick-up...
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    MEN article-"Northern Rail is crumbling from the inside out and things are only going to get worse"

    My son is a Northern driver and he frequently comes home p***ed off with the system. For example, he can leave Sheffield bang on time only to get looped by Network Fail for anything up to 20 minutes waiting for a late running TPE (or even a freight train) to overtake which gets him frustrated as...
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    567U Allerton Depot to Doncaster Works Wabtec - departed at 18:20
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    As 142s have substituted for 319s it's a possibility. In hindsight, I shouldn't have been location specific. My point was that if an almost empty 319 struggles to get away then a 769 whether on AC or gen-set will definitely struggle as there are quite a few tons difference (2x8 tons has been...
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    I am eagerly awaiting the introduction of the 769s on the Chat Moss route. Whilst walking along the path adjacent to the embankment I watched / listened to an almost empty 319 leaving N-le-W towards LIV on Friday night (just after 9pm) in very light drizzle. The driver was very light on the...
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    Blackpool - Manchester Electrification

    My lad notches up to 4 at around 20mph (depending on conditions) and despite his best attempts he has only achieved 100mph on the downhill sections between Man Picc and Crewe on about 3 occasions. Given that the North has a lot more rain than 'down south' the amount of wheelslip frequently makes...
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    Northern 323 Query

    Except yesterday when a pair of 142s turned up from Lime St. for at least one trip
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    Northern Station Improvements & New Ticket Machines

    But do they accept railcards? The one at NLW didn't and only allowed purchase of Northern Station destinations (my daughter travels from NLW to EUS twice a week anytime return and can only purchase online unless I drive her to WBQ where she can collect tickets)
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    this perhaps? Another 769 from Brush to Allerton maybe? Can't find any photos via google search though.
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    What I meant was that if the TOCs / DaFT are happy with the 769s cost / performance then the 319s could be earmarked for mass conversion to Bi/Tri-mode 769s which gets over the problem created by the cancellation / postponement of electrification and Northern will need 769s to run where there...
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    AIUI the new trainee drivers are not being trained on 319 traction so read into that what you will. Could it be that more 319s are to be converted to 769?
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    Northern rolling stock changes post electrification

    I hope that they are quieter than 319s. I live 1/2 mile from N-le-W station on the Chat Moss line and hardly ever heard DMUs as they accelerated away but frequently hear the drone of the 319s until they shut off for Earlestown or disappear into the Kenyon cutting. My parents live closer to the...
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    Blackpool - Manchester Electrification

    I see that Network Rail have renamed Trinity Street Bridge to Orlando Street on the location plan.
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    Cathedrals Express VIC-FAV 23 July

    Yes. The 37 did catch fire. Hilarious as the two diesels were on the train because of the fire risk! Obviously, trying to control the fire when on 3rd rail created a hazard in itself.
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    Statesman Rail Cancellations

    I heard that they have sold the stock to Jeremy Hoskin
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    Driver training (Northern) Manchester

    That's right. Plenty of time yet. You'll get an email a few days before you start (my son got one on the Thursday before starting on the Monday) giving you times, places, etc and another one asking for uniform sizes.
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    Ashton in Makerfield Line

    It's Hanson Asphalt now so looks like they're going to be delivering the chippings by rail.