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    Felixstowe Branch unit diagrams

    I have noticed over the last few weeks that the Felixstowe Branch has been treated to a class 156 over the usual 153. Can anyone confirm if this is a permanent change or just for the summer (I can't remember it being so last year)? Does anyone know where the "extra" unit has come from, given the...
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    Crianlarich to Oban, then Isle of Mull

    I'm travelling to Mull at the end of the month. We're booked on the sleeper as far as Crianlarich. We are returning the same way the following week. Arriving in Scotland on a Thursday morning and leaving on the following Wednesday. I'm looking at the options for getting from Crianlarich to...
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    TfW Reservations Manchester-South Wales

    I think this is the best place to post this... I am travelling from Stockport to South Wales on Sunday 30th December (1V16 1430 Manchester Piccadilly to Milford Haven). I have advance tickets which I booked at the ticket office, these come with counted place reservations so I asked for...
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    Sectorisation in East Anglia

    I've just finished reading the "IC/NSE/RR story" series on Sectorisation and wondered if anyone could confirm/elaborate on the following questions regarding infrastructure? 1. Where was the northern boundary of NSE infrastructure on the GEML (presumably somewhere between Manningtree and...
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    Greater Anglia diesel fleet

    Does anybody know whether GA are particularly short of stock today (Friday 25th)? They've canceled all the Felixstowe services due to "a train fault between Ipswich and Felixstowe" and are running busses instead. However looking at OTT Maps and RTT it looks like the fault is with a different...
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    AGA Intercity Reservations 28th-31st December

    Hi all, Does anybody know whether Abellio Greater Anglia are deliberately holding back reservations and advance fares between Christmas and New Year or if they are waiting for a future date? They have opened for after New Year. I have looked online and for Off Peak tickets it shows...