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    Query around services from Guildford to Waterloo services on 19/09/20

    This Saturday (19/09) there are x34 Guildford to Waterloo services and x39 Guildford to Waterloo services. The latter originally come from Portsmouth. They are stopping at the same stations. These being Worplesdon, Woking, Clapham Junction and Waterloo Does anyone know why? It seems odd for...
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    London Victoria to Gospel Oak Oyster card fare

    When I put in London Victoria to Gospel Oak into the Transport for London Fare Finder I get No fares found, please try again Does anyone have any theories as to why this might be? Is it because they expect you to use the underground, which is Victoria to Gospel Oak, rather than London Victoria...
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    Engineering works around Redhill

    I appreciate engineering works need to be done but does anyone know why they can only run 1 train from Redhill to Gatwick Airport today? The train from Reading gets in 2 minutes after the train leaves so people end up having to wait 58 minutes for the next train! Clearly no joined up railway...
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    Passenger numbers: what science is leading to the up and coming increase in services?

    Hopefully this hasn't been discussed already but I didn't find a thread. Given service frequencies will Increase either on the 7 or 14 September, are passenger numbers predicted to increase around or shortly after this time? What science are they using to increase train services on these...
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    Do Network Rail maintain Public Rights of Way?

    Recently I e-mailed Surrey County Council after using their interactive public rights of way map. I was looking up where the public rights of way were n Guildford...
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    Can you pass through a station a second time when making a single journey?

    Apologies if this has been asked before. Can you pass through a station a second time en route, if to pass through that station you take a different line to pass through it? So there isn't a doubling back on lines themselves but you do pass through the same station twice. I don't wish to give...
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    Motspur Park to Milton Keynes Central super off-peak single not showing up on all sites

    I was looking up ticket prices from Motspur Park to Milton Keynes Central. It wasn't a journey I was wanting to make but more that I was trying to work out if someone's recent car journey was cheaper; the same or more expensive than if they had gone by train. Given they travelled out yesterday...
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    Cheap places to visit in the countryside

    I'm looking to visit the countryside tomorrow with a friend. They live in Harringay and I live in Guildford. I have a Gold Card and they don't. They may not have a Network Rail card either. Can anyone recommend any expectionally cheap places to visit? Feel free to PM me if you'd rather they...
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    Guildford to Eynsford a route that appears to be valid is showing as invalid

    I'm looking to travel from Guildford to Eynsford later this week after 09:30, returning perhaps around 18:00. Going out there is a straight forward route as follows: 09:49 Guildford to Clapham Junction 10:22 10:38 Clapham Junction to London Victoria 10:45 10:55 London Victoria to Bromley South...
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    Guildford to Bath via Salisbury missing fare

    When I put in Guildford to Bath Spa via Salisbury day return, departing next firday morning at 7:37, it gives a return price of £236.60. The times are as follows: 07:37 Guildford to Woking 08:16 Woking to Salisbury 09:40 Salisbury is Bath Spa Return: 20:37 Bath Soa to Salisbury 21.42...
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    Guildford to Motspur Park via Wimbledon showing no valid fare

    I'm looking up Guildford to Motspur Park on National Rail Enquiries app. When I put in via Wimbledon it gives me a route via Clapham Junction which is valid and has the discounted price of £7.45. The times are as follows: 11:49 Guildford to Clapham Junction 12:48 Clapham to Motspur Park The...
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    Camping near mountains, in England, in July

    Hi everyone I'm looking to go camping with a couple of friends in July, preferably near mountains, in England, where hopefully social distancing wouldn't be such an issue when out walking. However we are not part of the same household or support bubble. If we follow the guidance this rules...
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    With lock-down easing will you opt for an Annual Gold Card or Network Rail Card, if you travel within areas covered by them?

    Lock-down is starting to ease and more travel is likely to take place over the coming weeks and months. What are those of you, who live within the Network Rail Card area and/or Gold Card Area planning to do, to get your third off going forward? I've created a poll. I initially couldn't decide...
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    COVID-19 and the weather - could the UK see an increase in cases towards or during winter?

    I looked up COVID-19 and weather on here but didn't see a thread so decided to start one. Are we due a continued reduction in COVID-19 cases until it starts to get colder again? Could we actually see a second wider peak towards or during winter? I think that may be possible, assuming the virus...
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    Fare pricing query for Guildford to Haywards Heath

    I need to do an off peak day return journey from Guildford to Haywards Heath. Possibly this Thursday. If not another day very soon. . Currently for most of the day it is faster to go via Clapham Junction, owing to the trains to Redhill not connecting well with trains from Redhill to Gatwick...
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    Coronavirus and retail

    I don't think there is a thread for this. Clothes shops are non-essential and M&S are only opening their food halls and not their clothing departments. I understand why but it got me wondering, are all supermarkets not selling clothes in store at this time? I can't check myself as I'm...
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    1960s rationalisation - which stations might have survived on other lines?

    Are there any places that would have retained stations during the 1960s rationalisation, had there been four tracks instead of two going through them or they weren't on a high speed line? I don't mean if they had been in a different part of thr country though.
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    Preserved railways and gas lighting usage

    Rothley Station on the Grand Central Railway is lit by gas. As the below web page mentions: Are there any other preserved railway stations lit this way? Also is there any rolling stock lit by gas, in use?
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    Wish to change date of advance but event has shifted to October

    I purchased three advanced split tickets for Euston to Manchester on 28 April for an event taking place on 28 to 29 April and then some other tickets for 29 and 30 April. However, the event has now been postponed. I see it is possible to amend the date of travel on advances. However, the event...
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    Could anything be done to improve the reliability of the 7:12 Guildford to London Bridge?

    Could anything be done to improve the reliability of the 7:12 Guildford to London Bridge, without scrapping it or changing its starting point to somewhere else? In the last 100 days it has not run fully between Guildford and London Bridge, if in a few rare cases at all, 15 times. It's arrival...