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    Indian Pacific

    Anyone on here done the Indian Pacific , considering doing Sydney to Perth ...... looks great but expensive. Looking at catching in January time .Any comments good or bad appreciated.
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    Carlisle to Glasgow or Edinburgh

    Managed to wangle a day off and will be in Carlisle. So can jump on a train and go to Glasgow or Edinburgh, which of these would be better for a days spotting as I haven't been Scotland for a good while. Or is there a better location Thanks Mark
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    London again

    Off to London on Monday and will have around 6 hours to play. Been a couple of times this year and seem to follow the same path. Arrive at Euston and walk down to St. Pancras and Kings Cross followed by Waterloo , Clapham jct , Stratford. Any suggestions for other locations mainly for spotting...
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    Nuneaton to Carlisle DRS open day

    Been trying to sort out best route / timings / price for Nuneaton to Carlisle on 18th July for the open day. Trying to grab a couple of hours at Crewe on the way up if possible. Been struggling to arrange the journey any help would be appreciated. One adult with no railcard. Thanks Mark
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    Why no foreign locos ?

    Is there a reason why foreign locos dont work through the tunnel and onwards , currently in France and have seen 66062 and another 66 working over here ?
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    LM Great Escape

    Booked a ticket for 14th February, looking at the LM website about the Euston - Watford closure it advises other companies can be used : can I travel with another train operator? If you have to travel by train during the closure, we advise you to use alternative train companies where...
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    Anyone know of a database to record locos , units , coaching stock etc..... I already have Locotrack and was wondering if any others were available ? Thanks
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    Depot Directory

    Many years ago there used to be a book published giving directions to maintenance depots , yards, etc..... Is there a modern day version offering directions , GPS co-ordinates ? either in book form or web based ? Thanks
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    London Terminal advice required

    Been away from the scene (is that the right phrase ?) for the last 20 years or so , mortgage , family etc..... Been reading this forum for last few weeks trying to understand todays railway :(:(:( Give me British Rail and there boring standard Blue livery anyday :D late running dirty steam...