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    Rose Hill and Marple

    I thought I read somewhere that there was an easement allowing tickets to or from RSH and MPL to be used interchangeably, but I can't find it. Am I imagining things? At the moment the plan is 2 people, both with 26-30 railcards, going from Piccadilly to one of the stations and back from the...
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    Eurostar "customs" checks at St Pancras

    Just arrived in the UK on Eurostar and all passengers had to go through immigration and ticket checks upon arrival. It was unclear what was actually being checked. There were 2 narrow lanes and one wide lane set up in the corridor at he bottom of the travelators. It was unclear what the lanes...
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    Luxembourg - Koblenz this Saturday 12 Oct

    Can anyone shed some light as to why the DB website / app says this train isn't running between Lux-Trier until 7pm, but the CFL website / app says it is operating the usual hourly service?
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    DB Eurostar ticket for 3 people

    I bought this online from DB, and there is a single barcode to scan. Only my name is on the ticket but it says 3 Erwachsene. Are the Eurostar ticket gates at St Pancras smart enough to open 3 times with the same code, or do we need to do something else first?
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    Zürcher Museums-Bahn

    Has anyone taken this? By chance I will be in Zurich next Sunday and I discovered that this will be running. I only really want to travel from Sihlwald to Sihlbrugg and back, as the rest can be done on the...
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    Berlin, Frankfurt(Oder) and Slubice

    Is there a combined ticket that permits travel in Berlin Zones ABC, on RE1 to Frankfurt(Oder) and then on the trams in Frankfurt? Would it be cheaper to buy them separately, particularly if I can get the RE included free as part of an ICE ticket? Any opinions on Frankfurt(Oder) and Slubice...
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    "Bridging" ticket with another ticket

    It has been suggested on previous threads that with Northern free tickets, for example if you wrote the journey as Nottingham to Newcastle, you could buy a separate ticket on TPE from York to Darlington then resume travelling on Northern, instead of going the long way round. I was wondering if...
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    Northern free travel pass routeing

    I know people like to go the long way round as Northern doesn't operate between York and Darlington, but what about a more complex indirect route? The journey I am thinking of is Windermere > (Wigan) > Man Picc > Sheffield > Barnsley > Wakefield > Leeds > Harrogate > York > (Sherburn) > Hull...
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    Cleveland Coast & Whitby Day Ranger

    This ranger appears not to be on the Northern website. GB Rail Rover Guide says it has no time restrictions, but the 26-30 railcard has a £12 minimum fare ( The price with railcard is £9.90. If I wish to use this before...
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    Leeds/Ilkley/Bradford/Skipton services

    I was wondering if anyone in the know can explain how the diagrams work on these routes? I am trying to trace where each unit goes during a day of service, based on planned platform allocations as that is the only information I have access to, but it seems like they swap around between the...
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    East Yorkshire Round Robin

    Looking at the information available online, it would seem that this ticket is only valid between York and Selby on non-stop trains between the two stations (which only run 4 or 5 times a day) rather than the more frequent services that go via Sherburn-in-Elmet. I suspect that in practice...
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    Virgin delay repay with rover and connection

    I travelled on a virgin service that was slightly delayed, but this caused me to miss a connection to another operator (both the missed train and the next one ran on time) resulting in a long overall delay. The issues with Virgin's online delay claim form have been well documented on this forum...
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    SY Connect+ ticket format and Park&Ride

    I am visiting Sheffield and want to take the tram, tram-train and trains, so the Connect+ ticket seems a sensible choice. What would be the best option to buy this ticket? I don't have a smartcard and am unlikely to visit Sheffield again in the next year. I think most stations in the area are...
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    I plan to take the Sunday service from Blackpool North to Carlisle via Clitheroe-Hellifield and return. BRFares shows a railcard DalesRail return fare of £13.20. Is there any way to buy this online? If not, is the ticket office at Blackpool likely to be busy before 0840 on Sundays? As in...
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    EMT 1C01 17th June

    Does anyone know why this train is additionally operating from Derby to Leicester at 0321 tomorrow morning? It's usually just the 0442 from Leicester to StP.
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    Wolverhampton ticket office

    According to NRE, it's open 24 hours a day! Is this actually the case? I need a West Mids Day Ranger at 0620 on Saturday morning as I'm going to take the parliamentary Walsall service. I could buy the ticket the day before, but I intend to buy a 26-30 railcard on Saturday too - unless I can...
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    West Mids Daytripper Add-on and Plus

    In a few days I need to take a train from Birmingham to Warwick and back, then to Rugeley and back, on the same day, after 0930. It seems that Warwick is covered by the Daytripper PLUS while Rugeley requires the Daytripper ADD-ON. I can find no information about the price of the ADD-ON or any...
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    Validity of Rheinland-Pfalz-Lux ticket

    Map: Details: I would appreciate some help to...
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    Prague train zones

    I could probably work it out given enough time, but going to Prague tomorrow, then taking the night train to Zurich later on and I haven't finished planning the Swiss routes yet... While in Prague I want to take some of the suburban R- and S-trains. The ticket zones seem to be rings like...
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    Bodensee / Romanshorn

    The ferry from Friedrichshafen to Romanshorn arrives at 08 past the hour. Does anyone know if this is the "docking time" or the actual time I could expect to be off the ship? The pier is right next to the station and I would like to get a train at 16 mins past the hour. Would I be likely to...