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    Should the conditions of carriage of public transport operators be modified to exclude non essential travel

    Given the current crisis should the conditions of carriage of public transport operators be modified to reflect the governments advise on non essential travel on public transport? A condition in the contract could state something similar to " During National and local emergencies travel would...
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    Heathrow Terminal 4 closure impact on bus and train services

    With the announcement that Heathrow Terminal 4 is to close. Would this mean that rail services that currently serve terminal 4 being diverted to terminal 5?
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    TfL to take over the woolwich ferry Sounds more like a DOR type operation rather than a contract.
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    Inaccurate London Terminals sticker at Stratford (London)

    I was going through Stratford today and there was a sticker on the side reader of the eastbound tfl rail platform (next to the central line), the sticker said. "London Terminals tickets not valid from this station" My understanding is they are given that Liverpool Street Is a London terminal.
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    TfL looking at creating a new type of smart card

    From the appendix of MD2537 2020 fare changes
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    Are GwR advances going to be valid on TfL rail

    Sometimes when purchasing advances for a specific GwR service they include the clause any reasonable connecting GwR service to xxx station. For example an advance from Hayes would allow you to get on any train to Reading that allows you to get your timed advance from Reading to say Bristol...
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    Zone F oyster

    Hi, a friend of mine has a ticket from their employer and it lists as being valid from zones 1-F anyone know what zone F is?
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    Railway byelaw 18: is it fit for purpose when there is no loss to the rail company?

    Mod note: split from They should modify the ticketing bylaws so they only can be enforced when there has been an financial loss to the railway or agents of a concession scheme...
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    Are Underground tickets valid on the Elizabeth Line

    Hello, A few weeks ago I heard someone get their details taken on the TfL rail service for having a underground only ticket to Heathrow Airport, they had their details taken before Hayes. I would have thought that underground tickets would have been valid on the EL given as it is going to be...
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    NRE providing incorrect advice on the validity of travelcards on TfL Rail It appears they have just copied and pasted tfl rail over heathrow connect.
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    Will acton main line close when old oak common opens

    Given the proximity of acton main line to old oak common will this station survive the opening of old oak common?
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    TfL rail west poor service from minor stations

    Hello. Has anyone noticed that the minor tfl rail stations get really poor service. During service disruption Hanwell and Acton Mainline can go hours without train MTR/TfL also seem quite quick to skip stops even when there is only minor disruption. One example today.My TfL rail heathrow...
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    Olympian Louis Smith alleges discriminatory VTEC ticket check I do not know if this is true or not, it is possible that what was seen by Louis Smith was taken out of context. With the other people in the carriage being there either before they boarded or they simply didn't see the ticket check...
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    Easements for step free stations

    Are there easments allowing disabled people to travel beyond the destination of their ticket to reach the nearest step free station? Or to double back if only one platform is step free?
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    Delay repay when prevented from touching ib

    Hello, whats the policy for collecting delay repay when you have been prevented from touching in. I was at ealing Broadway for 0335 to catch the 0342. To hayes & Harlington today and I could not touch in because the stations was locked up. This is despite it being a night tube station. Now...
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    GWML inner suburban transfer to tfl 10/12/2017

    Anyone know if this is going to result in any immediate changes to service provision at these stations . are they for example going to be staffed from first to last train (24 hours in some circumstances) Is Ealing Broadway going to be taken over by MTR Crossrail or London Underground Are the...
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    FAO: Surbiton staff

    Hello. If anyone works in surbiton station . would they be so kind as to let two tfl staff use the toilets . we are working outside at the bus stop between 7:00-14:00. My boss goes nuts if we use weatherspoons and im getting a little sick of Mcdonalds.
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    Metropolitan line to Watford junction cancelled
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    Service delay refunds contactless GWR

    Hello, How do I go about claiming service delay refunds for contactless payments on gwr
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    Brentwoood plusbus

    Hello, does anyone know if this ticket would get me to Kelvden Hatch nuclear bunker , and if so can it be purchased with a tfl staff pass and two standard paygo oysters?