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    Caledonian Sleeper

    I guess it depends on the definition of "around", and the definition of "Scotland". At the moment I wouldn't say that "around" four hours is a valid description of a London to Glasgow or Edinburgh journey time, and I'd argue that Lockerbie doesn't really count in terms of the discussion! Take...
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    The future of Leeds guided bus way

    From the experience of Cambridge (until Covid) the answers are: a) Very b) Varies, but overall not very c) Deadly Unfortunately in Cambridge there was an important question d that also needs to be answered: D: How successful is the guided busway in terms of gobby know it alls that have...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Like the original Yotels, where it works really well. I really can't see why there aren't a few berths like this (and while there's less storage space, if you know that there's only going to be one person in the berth then it's enough)!
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Quite. The sleeper might be politically popular now, but one with a damaged reputation might find it harder to be politically popular in a poorer country, especially while the the HS2 that may make the Lowlander even less viable is actually under construction. My fear is that we could lose the...
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    Covid : Infection rates v death rates and a possible second wave

    Really, no. If a vaccine needs to be given every year... that's... a bit inconvenient? Not much more.
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    Covid : Infection rates v death rates and a possible second wave

    We all wish it showed that, but it really doesn't. We, and nobody, did enough testing (let alone sequencing) at the peak to be able to say that. We're monitoring a few thousand people with confirmed sequenced first wave infections for reinfection and for immunity level, and that's not really...
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    Covid : Infection rates v death rates and a possible second wave

    Google finds them with a search for confirmed covid reinfection. You can tell them apart by the countries named in the previews. There were 8 within a week of the first confirmed one (which across the world isn't a huge number in itself, but of course we're dealing with an unknown factor and...
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    Covid : Infection rates v death rates and a possible second wave

    There's been quite a few confirmed reinfections since. They're also not treated as confirmed reinfections unless both the original and subsequent viruses are sequenced and are different strains, which means that there will always be very few *confirmed* reinfections (the great majority of...
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    Covid : Infection rates v death rates and a possible second wave

    I'm not sure what you mean by "that person" (are you maybe referring to the first case?) as it's now many people. Some reinfections cases have been asymptomatic or not severe, and some have been more severe than the original infection. It's something else to add to the long list of "we don't...
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    Covid : Infection rates v death rates and a possible second wave

    We know also know that it's possible to catch a slightly different strain as a second infection, possibly after as little as 4 months. It doesn't necessarily leave us in a good place in terms of herd immunity :( (though it may leave us in a better place in terms of death rate).
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    The Return to School

    It's so typical of a school to be so lost in priorities that they think anything they do is more important than eating :( I suppose however the shoes have to be perfect, because if the stitching is the wrong colour than that trumps everything?
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    Stagecoach X5 Oxford-Cambridge

    There will be a huge number of spare busway vehicles. The busway had been just about to see a massive service increase, with a replacement fleet, before covid struck. There would have been greatly enhanced peak frequencies on the core and new hourly services to Alconbury, Brampton, Chatteris &...
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    Call to let sleeper trains use the Channel tunnel

    I get that anti plane people might see this differently, but I'm for transport and for the right type of transport for the job. If you look at what's happened in the UK thanks to ECML upgrade, Channel Tunnel, WCML upgrade & HS1, the market has come as near to doing this for itself as makes no...
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    Call to let sleeper trains use the Channel tunnel

    And maybe also ask the Canadian government to order the return of the Renaissance trains, bc why not? Purely bureaucracy if they refuse! Though tbh I'm surprised this didn't come with a suggestion to not use HS1 to avoid the access charge. Maybe use Waterloo instead or something? If we're...
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    Carlisle Airport scheduled flight details annouced

    I think it was a Nyxair aircraft, that went back to Estonia.
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    Trivia: How many countries with a land border with at least one other have no cross-border passenger rail service?

    Lots of posts mentioning the Baltics above, suggesting that they don't have cross border links. They have lots, and they still have some even at the moment! They don't always have the particular links you'd expect, but Covid excepted in fact it is possible to cross each border by train (it's...
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    Stagecoach West Scotland

    With the 585 returning more towards historical roots / routes, it's a shame it's not taking advantage of terminating in Largs to serve the Brisbane Glen again. I'd love to know what use they think that Sunday service is supposed to be.
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    ECML services terminating at Glasgow Queen Street

    That's amazing. Obviously some destinations (or connections) naturally called for one route or the other. But when it was a choice between an IC225 on the ECML or a something old and unreliable on the WCML... I know which one we preferred...
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    Microsoft Office 2010 - support ending in October

    Hmm. I was determined to stick with 2010, but it suspiciously gained a deactivating itself but not letting me reinput the code error :(