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    Why do people have rose tinted views of British Rail?

    One thing that has happened in many areas is effective price hikes though changing ticket restrictions. IIRC in the old days you could use saver returns at pretty much any time as long as you weren't going to or from London and you could use cheap day returns any time after 9:30. But a few...
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    16-25 or 26-30 railcard?

    Pretty sure the answers to those questions are no and yes respectively.
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    Deep tube stations with lifts vs escalators

    Yes, the newest stations will be built with lifts and level access* to cover disability laws and with escalators to handle the large volume of people. This can lead to long corridors as lifts go vertically while escalators go at an angle. Relatively little of TFLs network is new enough to have...
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    16-25 or 26-30 railcard?

    Under normal circumstances I'd say get the 16-25 railcard, at least in my experience it wasn't particularly onerous I just filled in the form got it stamped by the university and then took it to the station. We aren't in normal circumstances though, we are in circumstances where most...
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    Trivia: Stations where a platform has been built on the actual site of a ex running line (e.g. fom previous rationalisation/singling)

    Were there any running lines in the area where the new platform pair at cambridge was built or was it just sidings?
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    Breaking outbound journey before destination - is it valid/legal?

    It's a horrible mess. Tickets with the same name on different routes can have very different restrictions. A few years back the government decided to "simplify" things by renaming all the tickets. Unfortunately this meant that two very different ticket types are now sold under very similar...
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    Automatic Couplers with Power Pass thru

    The RIAB report on the caledonian sleeper brake incident said the original plan had been for full-auto couplers but they couldn't get ones that would take enough power for the hotel loads, so they ended up with a semi-auto setup. And traction power would mean dealing with even larger power levels.
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    Discussion about free banking.

    The normal "interchange fee" for a cash withdrawal at a "remote" (not located at a bank branch) ATM is 25.9p. It's slightly lower if the ATM is located at a bank branch, slightly higher if it's a "protected ATM". Obviously the bank will have some costs of it's own on top of that but with...
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    New Mills to Manchester

    There is a "walk" fixed link between the two stations and NRE seems to think it's valid to use a ticket from one of the stations to walk to the other and then catch a train. The tickets don't seem to have any break of journey restrictions so it seems you could skip out on walking to the station...
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    Loss of rights on Cross-London e-tickets

    To me the obvious soloution would be to introduce machines at interchange points where you could scan your barcode ticket (whether e-ticket or "bog roll"*) and obtain a ticket for the underground. Obviously these machines would need to be connected to a central database to ensure that each rail...
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    Evaluating the risks: is it safer for key workers to travel by car, than by train?

    That seems to depend on what exact you count as a "passenger", if you assume that someone counts as a passenger from when they enter railway property intending to catch a train to when they leave railway property again afterwards then there seem to be two. The recent stonehaven deailment and an...
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    Join St Pancras > Brighton @ London Bridge, valid?

    My understanding is that travelling short is allowed if break of journey is allowed. What type of ticket do you have?
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    How long might it take to reopen the line near Stonehaven?

    Doing some reading it looks like the idea is that by including a small amount of CO2 in the mix they can stimulate breathing and hence make the hypoxic environment more survivable but not so much CO2 that the CO2 itself becomes a hazard. I can't seem to find any information on why argon is...
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    TfL Social Media cutbacks?

    Whats new-ish is that at least on andriod they went through a period of trying to bully people to switch to the "top tweets" view, you could switch to latest tweets view but it would repeatedly switch back.
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    Interail Pass - Can I get one quick 'on-line'

    Also be aware that Eurostar may have reservations available for normal tickets, but not for interrail users on a given train. I ended up changing at Lille because of this when I used one (it seemed there were reservations available on the brussels trains but not the paris ones)
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    Travelling on Crosscountry?

    Do crosscountry release more reservations to the "10 minuite reservation" system once it's confirmed the train will be a double and/or have a seperate quota of reservations for that from the normal reservation system? If not then it seems unlikely you will get a reservation this way.
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    Is satellite TV soon to be a thing of the past?

    One way streaming is much easier to make smooth than two way streaming, because the acceptable delay is much higher.
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    Do tickets to the IOW include the ferry?

    I suspect the reasons may be similar to the reason one-stop airline itineraries are sometimes cheaper than their individual segments. If you live in southsea and want to go to ryde on foot then the most convinient option is to take the hovercraft, so they can charge a premium price. On the...
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    Do tickets to the IOW include the ferry?

    Sure, but normally the fact a journey is silly doesn't stop the railway from offering tickets for it.
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    Do tickets to the IOW include the ferry?

    There are also apparently no fares from island-line stations to yarmouth.