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    Ticket 'deactivated': what happened?

    Today I caught a Virgin Trains service from Penrith to London. Sitting behind me there was a teenage girl who got on at the same stop. When the guard came along and did a ticket check she presented her phone with a ticket on an app. However, the ticket had apparently been “deactivated”. The...
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    Delay repay - who is entitled to it?

    I’ve never claimed delay repay before but today I was on the 0703 from Euston to Birmingham which was delayed by just over an hour due to a person being struck by a train. As such, I believe I am entitled to delay repay. However, as the journey was paid for by work who is actually entitled to...
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    Requirement to find the guard?

    Where there are no ticket buying facilities at a departure station is there a requirement to “seek out” the guard to purchase a ticket or does the first opportunity to purchase present itself when the guard finds you? I’ve seen on several threads here (most recently today) and also yesterday...
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    Hard-hitting Dutch campaign criticised

    What do people think of this? I think such hard-hitting campaigns are impactive and that is a good thing. I don’t really get the criticisms.
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    Ticket offices: advise re best price?

    I’ve heard it said several times that ticket offices are obliged to advise customers of the best price for their journey but can’t see anything definitive to say that this is indeed the case. Is it true? And, if so, what is the extent of this duty? The Liverpool-Lewes thread got me thinking...
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    Stopping short...but

    I know that advanced fares prohibit “breaking the journey” and stopping short. However, what are people’s thoughts on stopping short when you hold an additional ticket that would otherwise be valid at a particular station? For example: if you had a Crewe to Euston Advance but already held a...
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    Police Smart Card

    Hi all, long time lurker, long time train nerd, first time poster. I’m a police officer in the Met Police and have been a member of the “ATOC” travel scheme since it’s inception. Essentially, for a monthly fee I have unlimited travel in south east England on National Rail services (circa 70...