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    Arriva's revamped website

    Checked a couple of Derby routes - they are nothing like the real versions - I don't even think they're the previous Covid version from before the last changes.
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    First South West (Kernow & Buses of Somerset)

    Long weekend in Somerset for me and whilst sitting outside The Esplanade Fish Bar in Burnham on Sea enjoying their finest f&c, I had to do a double take as Atlantic Coaster 33177 passed by! Vinyls have been removed but the branding is still clearly apparent.
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    Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Bus News

    With the exception of routes F1 and 3, Arriva Derby returns to pre-Covid service levels from Monday 10th August seven days a week. The 3 remains suspended and the F1 will return with a reduced timetable on weekdays only.
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    Buses lasting longest with 1st Owner

    Derby Corporation / Derby City Transport / Arriva had a number of B-reg Volvo Citybuses which were in use from delivery in 1984 until 2008 when they were replaced by a collection of hand-me-downs and some new Geminis.... They still went like the proverbial and although not relevant to this...
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    Nottingham 'Bus War'

    Many Derby Arriva services saw increases in frequency from 21/6. e.g. Sunday services returning to every 30 minutes instead of hourly on many routes (still no evening journeys); Monday to Friday Sapphire 38 up from every 15 mins at peak / 20 off peak to every 12 mins at peak / 15 off peak, but...
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    The Post-Deregulation Era (1986-2000)

    Derby City Transport also saw competition from Camms (known locally as Camms Collapsables, due to the state of the fleet!) It was relatively short lived and DCT ended up buying Camms, but with a bizarre arrangement where Camms continued to operate for a while, with a lot of their fleet...
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    First South West (Kernow & Buses of Somerset)

    Arriva Midlands East have just posted the following, so it seems they're following the same policy as First Kernow. Presumably they'll be using Ticketer for compliance in the same way. ..
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    Go Cornwall Bus

    How many seats in the accessible section and how many are up steps? Are they similar to larger midis such as Solos and short E200s?
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    Best bus driven or passenger

    Only one answer for me as a passenger.... The second generation of Marshall bodied Volvo City buses, which as far as I know was a unique body / manufacturer combination supplied to Derby City Transport on B registration plates!
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    Buses and the coronavirus

    In Derby, Arriva's service cuts from Monday 23rd March were pretty drastic.... Essentially no buses before 7AM and none after 7PM. And a timetable which at best resembles a Sunday service, with some routes having up to a two hour gap in the middle of the day. However, they've now issued an...
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    Nottingham 'Bus War'

    Yes, bigger buses can get around the site OK. Indeed, when the Hospital shuttle was run by N&D before the introduction of Royal Derby, Palladins were often used and got round with no problem. You're correct. The ADL400 double deckers can get all round the site.
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    Areas that still have night buses?

    Stagecoach Southwest run three Night Bus Services on Friday and Saturday nights, every thirty minutes until 4AM: N12: Newton Abbot to Brixham N21: Bideford to Ilfracombe N57: Exmouth to Exeter While DayRider tickets aren't valid, the NightRider offers excellent value for money, costing...
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    What bus operators are still using ticket machines other than Ticketer ticket machines?

    Arriva also gives you a separate receipt if you pay by contactless. It's completely superfluous though, as it doesn't print the amount your card has been debited by!
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    Websites and apps that have a bus tracker that shows the reg number or fleet number of the vehicles.

    Derby is starting to appear, with some vehicles showing on the 1, 2 and 5 families of routes.
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    Oldest buses in service

    Arriva in Derby had some B reg Volvo City buses in daily use up until the arrival of a batch of new Geminis, making them 25 years old at the time of withdrawal. Some of them went on to work with other operators and one is still in use as a mobile cafe in Cornwall - see...
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    First South West (Kernow & Buses of Somerset)

    33177 branded fur Atlantic Coaster A5 was on route 102 today, while green E400MMC 33311 was on route A4.
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    Mixture of single and double decker operated routes

    Arriva 1/1A in Derby has mainly Volvo Geminis, but often uses Scania Omnicities too.
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    Arriva UK new buses 2019

    There has definitely been talk of Streetdecks replacing the existing E400's on the Sapphire 38 in Derby. They have had two Streetdeck demonstrators at different times, so they certainly must have been considering them.
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    Operators who adopted/retained the livery of companies they bought buses from

    Western Greyhound bought a number of Volvo Olympians (and a couple of Solos after the catastrophic fire) from Nottingham City Transport, which didn't need repainting as the NCT base colour was virtually the same shade of green as WG's base colour
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    Nottingham 'Bus War'

    Transferred to Notts and Derby I think