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    Access to dawlish warren for tall vehicles.

    So the thread on railway islands got me thinking about dawlish warren which is largely cut off by the Great Western Mainline. As far as I can tell the only open vehicle access to the warren runs under a rather small bridge. Cars and some vans can get under there but I'm pretty sure a lorry would...
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    Mk5 sleeper stock corridor joins.

    Page 13 of has a picture of the corridor join on the end of a Caledonian sleeper MK5. also has a picture of a...
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    Have TfL been told to accept e-tickets?

    Have they figured out a plan for banging ATOC and TfL's heads together? As far as I can tell, that is the main blocker for phasing out credit card sized ticket stock (CCST).
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    What is a "toc X customer" anyway.

    Last summer I (along with a couple of other people) went on holiday for a week in Newcastle on a Stockport to Newcastle via Sheffield off-peak return (for some reason there are no any-permitted tickets). While we were in Newcastle a dam partially failed and fear of catastrophic failure of said...
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    Stockport to Cambridge routes and tickets.

    I am aware of the following routes from Stockport to Cambridge that I would consider reasonable (and that have popped out of journey planners at one point or another) Stockport->Ely (EMR) ELY->Cambridge (Various operators) Stockport->Doncaster (TPE) Doncaster->Peterbourough (LNER)...
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    What happened today to the 22:01 Manchester to Crewe train? (05/02)

    I was on the 22:01 from Manchester to crewe (planning to alight at Cheadle Hulme) today, and everything was going fine until we stopped about half way beween Stockport and Cheadle Hulme. From observations out the window it seemed that if we were still on the four track section we were on the...
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    station maps.

    National rail enquires used to provide interactive station maps, these maps were far from perfect (in particular they were laid out with everything at right angles, even when the real stations were somewhat more curvy), but they did provide a useful way to explore the facilities and routes...
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    Potential arrangements for extending contactless PAYG to Stevenage

    Moderator note: Split from I can't see TFL wanting to support oyster and/or tfl contactless* on only one of the two routes to stevenage. The barrier layout will mean people changing trains between the loop and the other lines...
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    off-peak tickets, what happens if your journey is delayed?

    So I was at letchworth garden city with an off-peak ticket (specifically the return part of an off-peak return) from cambridge to stockport, route any permitted. My plan was to travel slightly short on said ticket going via London to get back to Stockport. Unfortunately the train was cancelled...
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    Is change of operator change of route.

    Say I have an off-peak return from Newcastle to Northallerton route "TPE only", suppose I then decide I want to return on an LNER train instead. The "fares and ticketing" guide says one can get an excess for "change of route", does this count as a "change of route"?
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    Davenport station platforms.

    I just got a letter from network rail saying they would be re-edging the platforms at davenport soon. They say this is to "accomodate additional electric trains" but the station has had electric services in the past? Anyone know what the real reason is?