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    458/5 side numbers

    Hi has anybody got a list for the 458/5s side numbers please
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    family railcard without a child

    is it possible to excess a return portion of a saver return if i have used the outward portion of the ticket as i had a child with me on the way down but will be on my own returning
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    railcard on phone

    can a person in a ticket office refuse to sell me a ticket if i have only got 1% left of battery life and no means to charge my phone up until later than day and they saw my railcard was valid
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    Liverpool to Scarborough seat reservations

    can someone tell me why on some of the liverpool to scarborough trains you get a booked seat in standard and on others you only get a counted place
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    68s on preston to barrow

    can anybody tell me which 68s are normally used on the 10.03 service to barrow from preston was thinking of going this wednesday
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    break of journey on off peak return ticket

    i have two questions that i would like answers to please 1. if someone has got an off peak return say liverpool to york, can they break their journey on the outward portion at say manchester and then carry on the next day 2. how many times can they break their journey on the way back within...
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    unable to collect ticket bought online

    I bought a ticket on line but when I went to my local station to collect it I was told that no fast track machine at the station, I had ordered a saver ticket to London and was told by the station staff that I would have to buy a new one before I travelled but the one I bought online I would not...
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    weekend first for staff

    can you get a weekend first upgrade on transpennine trains if your are travelling on boxes and pay the £6 fee
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    First buses in glasgow

    Hoping to spend a few hours in glasgow soon, where will be the best place to go to see both first and stagecoach buses apart from the bus station please, looking to get numbers and photos
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    Where to catch buses from in Bradford

    Where is the best place in bradford to get the first buses apart from interchange bus station or do all the first buses go there
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    First and Stagecoach

    Apart from manchester where abouts in the uk would be the best place to see both first and stagecoach buses at the same location
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    Discounted train travel for Network Rail staff?

    Do network rail staff get a discount on train travel if they show there pts card
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    05.33 Manchester to London 21st april only (London Marathon)

    saw that the is a 05.33 train from man picadilly to euston on sun 21st april does anybody know why it is only running this date as you can book seats or is it an error, also what would happen if i turned up and the train was not running as next one is not until 08.05
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    first great western scratchcard

    lady just came to the window at the station i work at with a scratchcard valid on first great western wanting to go to london told her that not valid from this area(north west),she said she bid for it on a website,is the such a ticket or is it a forgery
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    disabled persons railcard

    if someone has a disabled persons railcard is it possible for them to say buy a ticket from preston to london with railcard and also one from crewe to london for a person who will travel with them from crewe only or do both tickets have to be from and to the same place,in this example preston to...
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    upgrading an advance purchase ticket

    if someone has bought an advance purchase ticket from liverpool to london not using a railcard,can they then upgrade to an advance purchase first class ticket using a railcard or do both tickets have to be the same eg either both tickets with railcard or both withoutout railcard
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    class 70 at southport

    saw 70015 leaving southport station at 6am today.don't know what the loco was on the front as it was not light engine,is this the first time a 70 has been at southport
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    Southport to Luton (with overnight break at Sheffield)

    is it possible to get a return from southport to luton not via london and stay overnight in sheffield on the way there
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    liverpool to manchester season ticket

    a follow on to the southport to manchester question,why would a liverpool to manchester season ticket be valid via southport surely merseyrail will not be given any money for a liverpool to manchester season ticket
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    someone has got a monthly season ticket from southport to manchester is it valid to use via liverpool