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    Company Cheque and Oyster

    Hi Have been persuading a couple of colleagues that they should take advantage of the work interest-free season ticket loan - both of them only need zones 1-2 travelcards and have Oysters. However, I've hit a gap in my knowledge - I can see from the TfL website that they no longer accept...
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    Zones 7 to 9

    Hi A question on zones 7-9 which have expanded around different parts of outer London recently. I have a Walmer to Zones 1-6 annual - originally there were only these 6 zones to essentially this got you travel throughout the zonal areas. And then the top end of the Met line was brought in...
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    Buying a Season Ticket - Southeastern

    Hi After years of buying a Travelcard on Oyster, I'm moving into Southeastern territory and need to buy an annual paper ticket. Would appreciate some advice as their website is a bit confusing - on the season ticket page it says: "All season tickets must be purchased at least 7 days in...
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    East Kent to London Season Ticket

    Hi Am thinking of moving down to the Kent coast and wanted some advice on season ticket routings back to London - would be looking at an annual all zones plus HS. Prices are all much the same depending on whichever area I look at so I was trying to work out which ticket would give most...
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    Penalty Fare at Epsom

    This is neither a dispute nor a prosecution but I'm posting because it's an interesting example of how your brain can lead you astray. I have an Oyster with an annual zones 1-4 Gold Card plus top-up money for travel outside my zones. Went to Epsom to have dinner with a friend, tapped in at...
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    South West Trains Timetable Tweaks

    Hi SWT have announced tweaks to the two extra trains they put in the timetable last May from Raynes Park - the 07.21 and 09.22. For a month from Monday they will be running fast from Earlsfield to Waterloo - here's the text from SWT: "We operate one of the busiest networks in Europe, with...
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    Yellow Ends on BILs and HALs

    Hi Now that we have RTR models of both 2-BILs and 2-HALs, can anyone confirm whether or not it would have been possible, sometime in the 60s, to see a green unit with no yellow panel at the same time as a blue unit with full yellow ends? Would they have overlapped at all or would all of the...
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    Power Cut at Raynes Park 16/10/14

    Hi Odd localised power cut in Raynes Park this morning that affected some traffic lights outside the station, the info screens and gates on the up side. Staff were telling people with Oyster PAYG to touch in on the down side which got me thinking - those of us with Oyster Travelcards who just...
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    Buying More Than One Ticket Per Person

    Hi I think this has come up before but I can't make the search bring anything up. Someone's just tweeted that they're on a busy train and a group of four people have claimed to have bought extra tickets so they can put their feet up. I'm pretty sure that I've seen that they can be asked...
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    Brighton via Lewes

    Hi Going on a work trip from London taking in Lewes and Brighton. Having checked the routeing guide and BR fares I think I'm right that if I get an off-peak any permitted day return London to Brighton I can go to Lewes, break my journey, then go on to Brighton, break again there and then...
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    Oyster Travelcard Touching In/Out Question

    Hi I have a z1-z4 annual travelcard loaded on to my Oyster plus a PAYG balance for out of zone journeys. I know that I don't HAVE to touch in or touch out within my zones but I'm intrigued by my journey history. On Friday, for example, touched in at Piccadilly Circus and out at Waterloo...
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    Pullman Cars - How were they ordered in a train?

    Hi Looking for some advice please on how Pullman trains like the Bournemouth Belle were made up, in particular the ratio of kitchen cars to parlours - would it have been 1:1 or 1 kitchen to 2 parlours or the other way round? Thank you!
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    Derailment at Raynes Park

    Hi Does anyone have a memory of a derailment at Raynes Park involving (possibly) a 4-SUB coming off whilst turning into platform 4 bound for Chessington/Epsom? Maybe in the 70s? I have a vivid memory of this but Google's not turning anything up. It's not the 1967 one, as far as I'm aware...
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    Old, Dirty & Late - Network SouthEast

    Hi all If you're up for a bit of a nostalgia then do check this out - it was an attempt by NSE SE to show the public exactly how difficult it was to run the tangle of lines into Charing Cross and Cannon Street. Trouble is, of course, it didn't QUITE work out like that, not least because the...
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    Adding a Zone - Changeover

    Hi I have an Annual Gold Card, issued at Wimbledon, for zones 2-4. It's on my Oyster card and expires on 11th September. My office is moving so I need to add zone 1 to the ticket. Today at Wimbledon I was told I couldn't do that on my Oyster card and that I'd need a new paper ticket, for...
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    Unusual Track Vehicle

    Hi This morning at 02.45 something that sounded like a huge vacuum cleaner inched its way along the down slow of the South Western main line at Raynes Park. It was obviously doing something to the track - anyone know what it was please? Thanks!