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    Guards on SWT

    Was talking to a lovely SWT guard at Walton-on-Thames and mentioned a pet peeve of mine which is guards on SWT trains who spend the whole journey in the rear cab of the train. I've seen people walk the whole length of the train to find a guard and assumed that the voice making announcements was...
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    Ticket machines

    Hi, I often travel on the 10.02 train from Earlsfield to Walton on Thames. I can't buy my tickets from a machine before 10.00am (I wish to use my YP card) as it says the fare will be £12 with my YP card (yet £5.90 without), so I always need to queue at the ticket window, which is normally ok...
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    Break of journey

    Hi all One question - if I buy an off peak day return (with a YP card) from Earlsfield to Walton on Thames, am I allowed to break my return journey at Wimbledon to leave the station and then resume my journey afterwards home to Earlsfield? Cheers all.
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    Southwark & Waterloo East

    Hi all, Anybody know if I'm able to get through to Waterloo station via entering Southwark LUL and then via Waterloo East? I'm using Oyster PAYG. :) Thanks in advance. :)
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    South Merton to Elephant & Castle season

    Hi all, Quick question regarding a South Merton to Elephant & Castle paper season ticket - is it valid only via Wimbledon (a service from say Sutton to Luton), or will I also be able to use it via Mitcham Junction (going into Sutton and then via Carshalton up to E&C)? My friend had a nasty...
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    More then flesh and blood can stand

    When I joined the 0700 First Capital Connect service from Brighton to Bedford this morning, the world was a different place. My mood ws light and my thoughts jovial. After reading The Times for a while I thought I would take a short nap. Burgess Hill is my normal napping station, so I closed my...
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    Showing photocard on LUL

    Hi all, I have noticed something odd of late when using Canary Wharf tube station. I currently have a gold card including a travelcard, but for a few weeks it has refused to go through any ticket barriers ("seek assistance" etc). 99% of the time I show it to gateline staff and they just wave...
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    London Euston to Glasgow Central

    G'day all, I have a question about a journey I intend to make next week on the above route. I am getting the first train of the day (it's about 5.50am) and was wondering if the train (I assume a Pendolino?) will be busy or not. I am thinking it'll be fairly quiet, but I would rather get to...
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    Gatwick Express

    Hi, Would I be able to travel on the Gatwick Express with a London-West Worthing season ticket? I was under the impression I could, as there are no restrictions on my season ticket and as London-Gatwick is part of the permitted route then I should be okay? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Journey question

    Hi, Next weekend (Saturday 22nd March) me and my girlfriend need to travel from London to Southampton Central and a few hours later travel from Southampton Central to Worthing. The next day (the Sunday) we need to travel from Worthing back up to London again. Am I right in thinking that a...