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    Eurostar Paris - Staines London underground fare

    Hello all! I have a ticket on Eurostar from Paris to Staines which involves a connection between London St Pancras and London Waterloo. I wonder that whether the ticket I paid for(Paris Nord - Staines) includes the London Underground between St Pancras to Waterloo or not? Thanks!
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    Breaking journey on a travelcard outside the London zones

    Is any breaking journey(s) outside the London zones 1-6 allowed with a day travel card? For example, a Windsor - London zone 1-6 day travelcard breaking in or out bound journeys at Staines. I bought a Windsor & Eton Central - London 1-6 off-peak travel card yesterday and used it on the...
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    The best day travel card ticket for Windsor-London

    Can anyone advice me the best ticket on a journey like this: Outbound Windsor & Eton Central - London zone 1-2 travel card Inbound London zone 1-1 to Staines I wonder that if I simply just purchase a Windsor - London 1-6 travel card, can I end up my inbound journey at Staines on the...
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    Does a travel card give unlimited travels in London zones only?

    Let's take Reading & London zone 1-6 off peak day travel card for Sunday as an example. Is this card holder entitled for unlimited trips between Reading and London zone 6(any permitted routes) as well or only a round trip between Reading and London zone 6 + unlimited trips made within London...
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    Oyster off peak cap for national rail services

    I wonder that the national rail services between 16:30 - 19:00 when peak single tickets apply, are they included in the oyster off peak cap ? For example, the 18:50 service from London Waterloo to Feltham, is it included in my oyster off peak cap or a separate charge of £5.70 on top of my...
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    why are there engineering works every year affecting Southwest Trains?

    I am not sure for other lines, but there are engineering works for Southwest Train lines every year in the winter months which often make train journey longer and less frequent. I wonder is it because of the falls from the Autumns or some other reasons.
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    Rail tickets up whiles petrol price down

    It is said that the rail tickets in 2013 would be 4.2% more expensive than 2012 averagely while the petrol price just saw a drop from 137.9 ppl to 131ppl. Unless travelling to London , why should people use train services? Let's compared the public transport ( trains) and cars (for adults...
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    Thoughts about Heathrow Airtrack

    I am quite interested in Heathrow Airtrack as I live nearby and it would be a great convenience to have such a service. However, it was taken out from the project with various dilemmas. Here I would like to make a few points and my thoughts on this airlink and the local train services. My...
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    Bridgend [BGN] to Heathrow Airport [HXX] - found cheaper ways to do this journey

    I am planning to travel from Bridgend to Heathrow central rail station on 16th August and I found the cheapest train for £22 which departs at 12:00 via Reading, Hayes & Harlington. However, for the same date and trains, if I split the purchase into two : Bridgend to Hayes & Harlington for £12...
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    Cannot purchase London 1-6 travelcard from Feltham?

    I just tried to purchase a London 1-6 day travelcard from Feltham online( I have tried both southwest train and virgin trains websites), can't buy the super off peak day travelcard for tomorrow(sunday) just because the option for outward trip can't be clicked. Do anyone know the reason for this?
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    Southwest trains price increase.

    Having been overseas for a month, just came back and checked the train price from Staines to London, let's say a Saturday super off peak London 1-6travel card with Network railcard, it went up from £8.00 to £8.45. I have lived in St Albans and it's similar distance to London as the one between...
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    Third platform in Staines station

    Does anyone know what the third platform under construction in Staines station is for? Will Staines become a terminal station for any route?
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    Why is there no advance tickets for Brighton from London area?

    From Staines station an off peak day return ticket to Brighton costs £24.20, a month off peak return ticket costs £30.30. There is no cheaper advance tickets available whereas from some further stations, for example Bath Spa to Brighton each journey could be as £13 or £15. Why? By the way...
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    Why is there no 2 day or week return ticket for London area?

    The day return tickets are generally much cheaper than two single tickets, however if one has to return the next day or a few days after, he / she has to buy two singles. Why not selling 2 day or week return tickets for the convenience of people who need to stay over in London?
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    Which train operator companies have best strategies?

    Which TOCs do you think have the best strategies on route design, marketing, ticketing, policy implemetation etc? Personally I like FCC London St Pancras - Bedfrod. It was devided into 2 routes, the fast service from St Pancras - Bedfrod with first stop at St Albans. This makes passengers...
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    Ashford (Surrey) - Windsor & Eton R'side Off-Peak Day Return Start Short at Staines

    I will go to Windsor at 15:00 first from Staines and then Ashford (Surrey) at 18:00 tomorrow. I am going to purchase an off peak return ticket between Ashford and Windsor & Eton Riverside. However, my closest railway station is Staines. So my question is, can I use the "out" ticket (Ashford -...
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    Is any travel card valid on a replacement bus?

    There will be engine work at this weekend between Feltham and Windsor and Eton Riverside and services in between these two stations on route will be replaced by buses. I wonder that are these buses TfL run? Can I use any travel card on these buses such as London zone 1-6 day travel card? If not...
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    When does a travel card start to be vaild in a day?

    I have only heard of that the latest time that a travel card valid was until 2am the next day. So how about the earliest time that a travel card is valid ?
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    Cheapest means to travel from outside London zones into London centre

    I just come up with this idea that the cheapest means to travel outside London zones into London centre, let's say Oxford Circus tube station. Start point must be a nation rail station outside any London zones including Watford Junction. Examples should be notified with weekdays, weekends; peak...
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    Is there any Oyster Pay as you go fare for non London zone stations?

    Oyster pay as you go fares are often cheaper than cash fares, I wonder that for those non London zone stations which have Oyster card readers, do they charge cash fare or Oyster pay as you go? For example Weekday off peak Staines to London zone 1 using Oyster pay as you go card.