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    How far on a tank of fuel?

    This just got me thinking. Apparently a Class 70 has a 6000l fuel tank :shock: That would cost me about 8 grand to fill up at a filling station. So how far can you get on 8 grands worth of supermarket diesel in the thing? :D And if anybody has any ideas on distances of other trains on...
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    Ulceby Junction Derailment Know nothing other than apparently the train was moved pretty quickly?
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    What stock will Doncaster to Cleethorpes get then... appears that the powers that be are deciding (and most likely will decide) that Transpennine Express will not run trains between Cleethorpes to Doncaster (and onwards to Manchester Airport). As such, they propose that the current dogsbody stopping service between Doncaster and...
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    Question on section of ECML

    Anybody help? :) Where abouts is cameron going by in the video please?
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    148mph HST with Valenta...but with MTU?

    As the title says :) Whilst the achieved their crowning record with the Valenta engines (I assuming here), what are we to reckon they could do with the MTUs? Faster? Slower? Don't really know? thanks
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    Train crew planning manager

    Can anybody advise me on the average salary of such a position? Thanks. --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Bump for falling off the first page :( Any ideas?
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    Is the Grimsby to Donny railway speeds strangled by freight?

    Just wondering about this one, why so slow (50/60mph over the course of the route). Now I can see there are some bendy bits post Scunny but 60mph for 16 miles of fairly straight track from Town to Barnetby?? Equally from Medge Hall to Donny - nice fairly straight track and other than a tiny tiny...
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    x signs

    Out of interest, between Lincoln and Barnetby there are some modern signs that have something like X49 written on them, repeatedly down the line side...what is this meant to indicate? Thanks :)
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    Can somebody please help me out with this question - franchising

    Don't get me wrong, I'm an advocate of the rails being run not-for-profit. Cut the middleman out and run them ourselves. We know how to do it and when run properly, we don't have ulterior motives such as the deadweight loss of delivering profits as the reason for operating. I just want to...
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    What in the name of Dr Beeching is this all about??

    Was just looking at journeys from Grimsby to London - apparently now eastcoast (and anywhere else for that matter) will only supply advance tickets via Newark Northgate, i.e. the hourly route from Grimsby to Doncaster has no advance tickets (which is an hourly early till late train in both...
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    TSR at Hitchin

    Anybody have any idea why there is a TSR at Hitchin? The restriction may well be older than the solar system now... Is it a Hatfield-esque concern or something? Used to be pretty impressive flying round that bend at whatever speed the trains used to do! cheers
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    I do have a railcard..but I forgot it. Refund?

    Hi guys Just wondering, I bought a ticket from a machine believing I had my railcard on me. By the time the guard had come round on the East Coast service to check tickets and what not, found I never had my railcard. Fair game to the bloke, he gave me 20 mins or so to find it. Didn't have...
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    Paying guard with rail travel vouchers?

    If you buy a ticket on board, can you pay with rail travel vouchers? Cheers
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    Northern cancelled train!

    Hi all Quick Q regarding a journey I'm going to be making this coming sat. Basically ~2 weeks ago I bought an advance from Cleethorpes - London with my validity being taking the 1253 from Retford to London. Well, Northern since buying the ticket have decided they want to run a bus from Clee...
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    91 tnt?

    Has this ever been tried? Would it even be feasible or would it overload the lines? Cheers! ________ CM185T