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    Freedom Travelpass - Priv discount?

    Hi all, Could anybody please tell me if rail staff are entitled to 75% off of a Freedom Travelpass if they buy them from a TOC ticket office upon presentation of a valid priv card, please? -...
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    (Answered) Starting Training

    Hi all! I wonder if people can answer a few questions about trainee train driver training, particularly the first few days/weeks. * What do people wear on day 1? I'm thinking formal black trousers and a casual shirt? Or would some wear shirt and tie, or shirt and jacket? * When would we get...
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    SWR Driver Training Video

    Hi all, I just found this video, which I thought was very interesting, and it answers a lot of questions frequently asked on this forum regarding driver training. (Of course, courses might vary from one TOC to another.)...
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    Routes Signed from Grove Park (Southeastern)

    Dear all, Does anybody know which routes are signed from the Grove Park depot, please? They have 465s (/0s, /1s and /2s), 466s and 376s - do they sign all metro routes or only some? They must surely sign: * Sevenoaks to Charing Cross and Cannon Street * Dartford to Charing Cross and Cannon...