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  1. Busaholic

    15th anniversary of 7/7 bombings

    I thought that, with all that's going on both in this country and around the world with Covid-19, it might be forgotten that four separate acts of terrorism were visited upon the people of London and its public transport system on that terrible day of 7/7/2005. I only remembered it was the...
  2. Busaholic

    Colonel Tom Moore

    I really think Tom Moore deserves a special mention today on the occasion of his 100th birthday - what a spirited character! I read he was given an England cricket cap this morning to add to his cards and tributes - it couldn't really be a presentation, but I hope it meant something to him. May...
  3. Busaholic

    Memories of Docklands Trolleybuses

    When I was a lad in the 1950s, the two foot tunnels under the Thames were from Woolwich to North Woolwich and Greenwich to North Greenwich respectively. Yes, North Greenwich was on the Isle of Dogs but the exit of the tunnel was in North Greenwich, from which you got a stupendous view over the...
  4. Busaholic

    A National Government for the Coronavirus crisis and its aftermath?

    Now that Sir Keir Starmer has been elected as leader of the Labour Party, and bearing in mind his former position as Director of Public Prosecutions, is it not time to consider a National Government as previously happened during the two World Wars plus during the Great Depression of the early...
  5. Busaholic

    April Fool's Day, 2020

    It 's become increasingly difficult to spot the hoaxes in amongst the supposedly true stuff, and this year probably almost impossible, in addition to which there's probably little appetite for it, but a chance here to post any you see that might pass the test. I'll only say that if you see...
  6. Busaholic

    Penzance Helicopters

    Does anyone know whether the planned new helicopter service from Penzance to the Isles of Scilly, due to commence tomorrow from the new heliport in Jelbert's Way, is actually going ahead? There's a remarkable lack of recent news on their website, or that of the heliport, and I've not heard a...
  7. Busaholic

    Helicopter unable to land: an unexpected consequence of climate change?

    In my immediate area, people were saddened to learn of the sudden death of a well-regarded shopkeeper, who went home last Friday and, shortly after, was found in her flat on her bed apparently dead having choked on something. Her heart was restarted after a time, and the two ambulance crews...
  8. Busaholic

    Corona Coaches of Acton

    No prizes for guessing why this thread has been created. Went into local WHSmith last week seeking new Buses mag, wasn't yet in and, after browsing, decided to buy 'On the Buses vol 3' published by Vintage Roadscene Archive. The first section featured photos taken in Sudbury, Suffolk, on Market...
  9. Busaholic

    Go Cornwall Bus

    I was hoping someone more computer literate would open this new thread, in view of this Go-Ahead subsidiary winning substantial new contracts from Cornwall Council which take effect from 29th March. As it appears to be going to be run entirely separately from Plymouth Citybus in future, it would...
  10. Busaholic

    Good Samaritan tram driver goes those few extra kilometres

    A few Saturdays ago someone who'd been a lorry driver in the 1990s expressed his thanks on a radio programme to an unknown tram driver in Minsk at that time. The driver had dropped his trailer somewhere and had to pick up another in Minsk, a city with which he was unfamiliar. It being...
  11. Busaholic

    What was your first word?

    Just for interest, what was your first word?
  12. Busaholic

    Shortchanged by bank ATM

    Has this happened to anyone else on here? If so, I'd like to know if you attempted to do anything about it. Last week, having bought a loaf in my baker's I noticed the £5 I proffered in payment was my only cash, and as I passed a Lloyds Bank on the short way home I decided to draw some more...
  13. Busaholic

    Your quickest exit from a pub?

    Not including getting chucked out or competing to see how many pubs you can visit in an evening, etc. In other words, how long after you realised your presence could be a problem did you make an exit? In my own case, it was mid 1970s, working for Camden Council in North London, and I had to...
  14. Busaholic

    2019 predictions

    That time of year again. I'm just going to make one;- that Donald J. Trump will no longer be President of the U.S.A. by this time next year. That's more than just a (fervent) hope, I think that all things considered there's a good 50% chance his presence will not be staining the office in...
  15. Busaholic

    Penzance to London return

    Advice please for my wife who wishes to travel from Penzance to Paddington on Monday 14th May on the 16.00 train, returning Thursday 17th May on either the 16.03 or 18.03 (but not the 17.03, unless the fare on that one was spectacularly low), second class. We do not have a working printer, so...
  16. Busaholic

    Co-writer of 'On the Buses' tv series dies

    The death has been announced of Ronald Chesney, co-writer with Ronald Wolfe of the 'On the Buses' tv series in the 1970s, with its film spin-offs. I think Anna Karen, who played Olive, is the only surviving main cast member. Apparently the two Ronnies (as they were known until two other Ronnies...
  17. Busaholic

    Amber Rudd resigns

    I'm unsure whether Rye is part of Ms Rudd's constituency, but the latest Guardian revelations mean she must be Toast.
  18. Busaholic

    Buying a lottery ticket from a lottery winner - a good omen?

    Yesterday would have been my father's 100th birthday. I don't normally buy a full National Lottery ticket these days, resenting the increase in price coupled with the addition of an extra ten numbers to conjure with, but I do on close family birthdays. Anyway, having agreed with my sister that I...
  19. Busaholic

    Next Tory leader

    Ladbrokes have announced their odds on the next Tory leader who could, of course, become de facto Prime Minister, with or without the encumbrance of a General Election ('ANOTHER ONE??'). I won't quote their odds, as (a) I've not got them to hand and (b) why should I encourage gambling?, but I...
  20. Busaholic

    Storm Dylan

    The latest named storm is about to strike, and I've just heard hurricane force 12 winds predicted for one shipping area. Well, 'Hurricane' is but one of Bob Dylan's best-loved songs.:smile: