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    Bus Route Confusion.

    Hi, the Simplibus 6 bus route in Grimsby is causing alot of confusion. Back in February the route temporarily dropped the Asda & Freeman Street extension that most daytime services used, as roadworks in the western part of the town centre caused too much delay. Last week however the 6 began...
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    The Plastic Fiver

    Hi everyone, this thread relates to the new polymer Bank of England £5 note, not the Scottish ones etc. I've seen many of them now, I miss Fry's image who's been ditched for Churchill on the reverse side. Also the silver strip missing was surprising. The 'I got nothing to offer but blood...
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    Railroad Tycoon 3

    Hi everyone. I've recently re-installed Railroad Tycoon 3 on my computer, it's a great game. But I'm having a problem, the computer won't start a train company no matter what I do, without competition my custom map is worthless. Does anyone know how to encourage the computer players not just...
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    Grimsby Pacer's Trip to North Yorkshire.

    Hi, I'd thought I'll share my recent holiday trip on here. We had half the extended family at a holiday home up in Filey and I had to swap places with my brother so the pets are looked after at home. The National Rail Enquiries site said it was £99! for a Grimsby to Filey ticket, I couldn't...
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    Star Trek: Discovery

    It was announced last night over in California, that the 2017 Star Trek 'TV' Series which will sadly air on Netflix in January in the UK, will be called Star Trek: Discovery. The 13-part series will feature the USS Discovery NCC-1031 as it's main ship. It's easy to work out this ship is TOS...
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    Trivial: Your Board Games.

    Hi everyone. On my birthday yesterday I got two board games, Star Trek The Final Frontier, & Touring England, both were surprisingly similar! We soon made up a few new rules for the games which made them more exciting (dice roll battles if landing on the same square on Star Trek, and not using...
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    Baghdad Terror Attack It's in the news that 165 people have been killed by a bomb in Baghdad, at the end Ramadan aswell :( . It's the worst day there since 2007 and it's awful. Yet no one on Facebook have added an Iraqi flag onto their profile like many did when...
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    Severely Overcrowded Buses

    Hi everyone. Today in Grimsby all the buses were jammed packed with more passengers than was safe to carry. People had to stand upstairs on the double deckers, the luggage racks had many people in them, after leaving the Riverhead stop in the town centre (without being able to pick up many left...
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    Trivia: Named Buses.

    Hi everyone! This is about which buses are named individually, not the route, and not relating to numbers or manufracturer. For example there's: Lolly & Splash the "seasiders" which run the 17 service in Cleethorpes. Charlie, Boomer, Jojo, & Ozzy which run the Humber Flyer service. The name is...
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    Police don't show up.

    Hi. Lastnight I was bitten in the finger by a stranger. The police operator was on the phone before the event, but after 3 hours of waiting I gave up and went to bed. I got a description and possible fingerprint containing evidence. The operator also mentioned an ambulance which also didn't...
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    Planet discussion

    Hi everyone. I'm creating this thread for discussing all types of planets, including Exoplanets, Rogue Planets, Major, Dwarf* & Minor Planets, and Moons. *This IAU term is total nonsense. Today from 12:12 to 17:42, the Transit of Mercury is visible from the UK, a solar filter is needed on all...
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    New Bus Route

    From May 2nd Simplibus service 11 will start running in Grimsby, Caspian Crescent to Riverhead. With many bus operators struggling, what other new bus routes are coming soon around the UK?
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    Should the rail network copy road numbering schemes?

    Hi everyone. I've been thinking that the A, B, C, D, M & U classification of the UK's roads, with number loosely based on sector is quite clever overall. I guess that the W tracks could be used for those with the largest loading guage, O for overhead electric, T for third rail, S for largely...
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    When do you want the new Star Trek series to be set?

    It's a multiple choice poll. With rumour about the 2017 series circulating, I thought I'd ask what Star Trek period you want to see on the series. Thanks.
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    Trivia: Fewest stations you'd need to visit to see all TOCs.

    Hi everyone. Doncaster has East Midlands Trains, East Coast, Hull Trains, Northern, Trans-Pennine, Grand Central, Cross Country, that's quite alot, and got me thinking.... What's the minimum number of train stations you need to visit to see all passenger Train Companies? And which ones? Thanks
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    Stagecoach Smart in East Mids.

    Hi everyone. Today in Grimsby I paid the usual £10.50 for a local Megarider, but instead of a paper ticket, I got a paper receit and a red/orange Stagecoach Smart card. This is being introduced on all Stagecoach services in the East Midlands region and also Humberside areas. On Humber...
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    Four-Car 185s?

    Hi everyone. I'm reading Rail Magazine, and on page 52 there's a summary section for TransPennine Express fleet and service plans for the next four years and one bulletpoint states: "29 four-car Class 185s, refurbished and retained, primarily for South Trans-Pennine route...
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    Tashkent's Tramway to close!

    This tramway is huge, the largest in Uzbekistan (former Soviet country in midwest Asia). And the plan is that closing the tramway to widen roads will reduce congestion on the city's roads (dispite how badly that worked out elsewhere)...
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    Alternative Plans for Poulton's Fleetwood branch station. This is in response to Network Rail's plan to cut the Fleetwood Branch connection to the mainline. The link shows some station track layouts which aren't on the quoted section. --- Link & Intro above --- --- Quote below --- From the link...
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    Grimsby Bus Chaos, Phase 2

    Hi everyone. From Monday 22nd of February, for 9 months... A new one-way system will operate on Bethlehem Street while the council play with paving blocks yet again. This will result in the 6 not serving Asda at all, and no buses can reach the train station from the west side of town. This...