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    Crewe diesel depot open day, 08/06/19...Starring a Pacer!

    Mine arrived Saturday.........Happy days
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    Indian Pacific

    Anyone on here done the Indian Pacific , considering doing Sydney to Perth ...... looks great but expensive. Looking at catching in January time .Any comments good or bad appreciated.
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    Carlisle to Glasgow or Edinburgh

    Thanks for the response, it's just a day north of the border spotting so really looking for good location for numbers Thanks Mark
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    Carlisle to Glasgow or Edinburgh

    Managed to wangle a day off and will be in Carlisle. So can jump on a train and go to Glasgow or Edinburgh, which of these would be better for a days spotting as I haven't been Scotland for a good while. Or is there a better location Thanks Mark
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    London again

    Off to London on Monday and will have around 6 hours to play. Been a couple of times this year and seem to follow the same path. Arrive at Euston and walk down to St. Pancras and Kings Cross followed by Waterloo , Clapham jct , Stratford. Any suggestions for other locations mainly for spotting...
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    North West 4 in 8 Rover- Syphons, Skips, Cats and the Quest for 403!

    Really enjoyed your write up and looking forward to day 2 :D
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    DRS Carlisle Kingmoor open day July 18th

    I have a spare ticket going free , I will be at Carlisle around midday :D
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    Nuneaton to Carlisle DRS open day

    I have a spare ticket for the DRS open day if anyone wants it and is around any of the stations / changes I have listed.
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    Nuneaton to Carlisle DRS open day

    Thanks for the advise , after playing around with times I managed to plan these trains 07.12 Nuneaton - Crewe 08.30 £ 7.00 10.09 Crewe - Preston 10.51 £10.00 10.58 Preston - Carlisle 12.05 £11.30 15.39 Carlisle - Preston...
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    Nuneaton to Carlisle DRS open day

    Been trying to sort out best route / timings / price for Nuneaton to Carlisle on 18th July for the open day. Trying to grab a couple of hours at Crewe on the way up if possible. Been struggling to arrange the journey any help would be appreciated. One adult with no railcard. Thanks Mark
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    [FR] Colorful trams in Reims

    Absolutely stunning pictures.......many thanks for sharing them. I am currently in Paris and will try to snap a few of the trams and trains.
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    Alternative Routes During Watford Closure

    Can anyone point me to where it shows the Watford works have been cancelled / suspended ?
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    Why no foreign locos ?

    Copied from Wiki The Class 66 design has also been introduced to Continental Europe where it is currently certified for operations in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, and Poland, with certification pending in the Czech Republic and Italy. They...
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    Why no foreign locos ?

    Is there a reason why foreign locos dont work through the tunnel and onwards , currently in France and have seen 66062 and another 66 working over here ?
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    LM Great Escape

    Booked a ticket for 14th February, looking at the LM website about the Euston - Watford closure it advises other companies can be used : can I travel with another train operator? If you have to travel by train during the closure, we advise you to use alternative train companies where...
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    Best food options near (but not in) stations

    Wales chip shop , 3 minute walk outside Nuneaton. Crinckle cut chips:D:D:D
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    London info tuesday 30/10/12

    Will be departing Nuneaton heading to Euston on Wednesday 31st Thanks Mark
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    London info tuesday 30/10/12

    Will be doing something similar to the suggested route , what Travelcard would I need to cover these routes ? Can I buy a Travelcard from my local station or would I need to purchase one at Euston ? Thanks Mark
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    Anyone know of a database to record locos , units , coaching stock etc..... I already have Locotrack and was wondering if any others were available ? Thanks
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    Your favourite comedian

    Probalby not acceptable today..... but Bernard Manning gave a good performance