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    free hosting

    Anybody after free PHP hosting give me a shout. 100Mb space 1Gb bandwidth sub-domain hosted with no mysql No banners adverts
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    Olympus E-500

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    Olympus E-500

    Basicly il be getting this slr camera in about 2months, and wonder if anybody has used it?
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    Picture Request

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    First Rail

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    computer auction uk

    Hi i been gone along time as most of you know. been working hard and been getting a few hobbies up, including this site. could people register to make it look like there are users please :) also if you do fancy listing an item then use this coupon for a free...
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    This picture... is that dude holding a baseball bat?
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    Spinnaker Tower

    Today i went to portsmouth and decided to go up into Spinnaker Tower. What a damn good view it is, i think this project will help portsmouth regain the coast status again and for £4.50 i dont think its money wasted, the view from it is amazing. 100Meters high equal to 38 double decker...
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    Planned Trip

    Well im planning on doing a nice long trip for a holiday. I'm thinking about going from Reading to Edinburgh and stay there for a week and return. now is very useful and i can see that the virgin train can do a direct run without a change stopping at on station on the way and...
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    First Rail live

    Finaly the site is up and running, some tweaks needed here and there but the layout will stay as it is. pages need to be added. some features to look forward too 1. FGW routes and fleet information that will be detailed and accomidated with pictures. 2. Allowing you to become a writer for...
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    Hey Well it has come to my mind that kuju is promising alot of nice concepts with FGW and there routes and maybe entire fleet. There screenshots look promising and i am looking forward to the release. However i hope they have taken into account that the MSTS didnt just need a visual...
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    Picture Request

    i will be adding a blueprint section to the first rail site and require these pictures. Dead on front / left / right / back of these units 166/165 180 i will be recreating these in adobe photoshop and even in long run wack them in 3d max to get a 3d model of them, (please no...
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    FGW Complaint

    Wow didnt think id be saying this but ive lodged a complaint towars FGW this morning in writing, One early morning as i wait for the 8:26 train i see people standing at the Reading side waiting to goto Reading. i think to myself thats odd there here realy early, it was now 8:45 and the...
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    FGW New Site

    this has only come to my attention today that there site has been updated, how long has it been like this? i think its very smart
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    speed test

    for those who have broadband could you please speed test my latest host. Details required: Speed location broadband speed Thanks (MT) Media Temple hosted ps: im doing this because i had got told my last host was slow when people downloaded...
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    Fancy building a route?

    I would love somebody to create the Reading to plymouth with either the oxford route or newbury. just a long shot but i cant create anything for BVE4 as i am finding any information on building them a pain in the rear end!
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    site preview

    as it says guys... ive designed a new site (again) and this time im going to leave it, just got content to add and sort out the cgi billing script and wolla fully working web site. as usal you guys get a preview before its live *note the
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    Weird chicken story (not for faint hearted) yep as it says headless chicken lives for 18months, it made me laugh at first, but thinking deeper into it, how on earth do's it live without a head!
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    HST4 Semi-Fast [MERGED]

    little video with the new HST4 at maybank. my first video i made so it kinnda sucks and is 38.9mb lol anyhow for those who cant rung the HST for any reason its here!
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    First Rail

    as you know this site is being developed and it will take sometime to come, while its waiting i was thinking of adding a subdomain for a image rating script so you can upload your images and people can rate them, think this is a good pastime?