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  1. RailWonderer

    Trivia: Longest delay between rolling stock being ordered and entry-into-service (and reasons why).

    I was wondering, long delivery to service times tend to happen when the order is very large and comes from a manufacturer that already has backorders and is dealing with unreliability from previous orders. Are there examples of long order to service times? The average tends to be 2 1/2 years...
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    Class 360 Diagrams

    This should be an easy one, there are only 20 in service now, with all operating as 8 cars, so up to 10 diagrams. Edit: The RTT descriptions are wrong so those are no help either.
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    Do other manufacturers besides Stadler offer platform level boarding?

    Stadler offer it on their FLIRT and their SMILE modular platform, seen on GA, and soon Merseyrail and TfW. Do any other manufacturers offer a product that other ToCs could order? For wheelchairs, suitcases and safety in the crush loaded peaks it would be a useful thing to have. I'm surprised the...
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    Platform extension at Hertford East (update: planning permission has been granted)

    Moderator note: Split from Platform lengthening at Hertford East I don't think is a priority. The local council twice denied permission for removal of an old signal...
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    Lockdown future of Greater Anglia.

    While the Stadler trains are mostly in service besides the Stansted route, there is a major concern over the delayed entry into service of the 720 Aventras, and the lack of said units ordered. A brief summary. There are 22 10 car units to replace 12 car formations, so if 1 720/1 = 3 legacy...
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    The abhorrent Text to Speech system - making the traveling experience worse?

    I've previously only heard TTS in Kent and I've heard Scotrail are getting it as well. It has since arrived in East Anglia at Chelmsford and Colchester (but not the smaller stations yet). ToCs are switching to this robotic monotone voice for 'flexibility' but why does a voice have to say...
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    TPE - Northern route allocations.

    Why does TPE run the Manchester - Huddersfield and Huddersfield - Leeds stoppers but Northern run the Leeds - York stopper - does this go back to the BR era? I would have thought Northern ran every stopper but there are some exceptions with TPE.
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    Is it deliberate that Grand Central feels ‘budgety’?

    I missed my LNER service this evening because I got lost in the dark, so I went to the machine to buy a new ticket since my advance was wasted. On the day, an off peak single in standard on LNER was £74.95 and the same off peak single but in first class on Grand Central was only £60. First on...
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    DfT Interference in running railways.

    I am unsure of the consensus here on the forums but I can assume the DfT is disliked plenty and I am not the only one. There are several reasons. Generally speaking, they dictate to the ToC what sort of trains they can and cannot have, the type of seating, the density of the seating, the length...
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    Great Western Railway Heathrow Express Class 387 Refittment and Service Updates

    This is the area updates or commentary can be posted regarding the class 387s of GWR but specifically the HeX refurbishment process and the nature of the layout etc and eventually the introduction into service of these units. Confirmed: -New Wi-Fi -Televisions in the coaches -2+2 Standard with...
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    Trivia: Longest scheduled non-stop run on any National Rail service

    Apologies if there is a thread for this already, though it may have been a long time ago. I believe both the longest time gap and physical distance between two stations non-stop is Warrington Bank Quay to London Euston, 1 hour 50 mins non stop. If there is any larger time span or mileage...
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    Virgin Trains 1st class complimentary dinner

    Hello everyone, This service is £20 standard and £38 first, is the extra £18 worth it for the free dinner if it serves it onboard? Does anyone have any experience traveling first with Virgin and their dinners? I've been on Virgin first...
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    Class 313 replacement (Southern Coastway Line)

    Having been on a GN 313 yesterday and seen only two 717s in the sidings, I was also surprised to find they still run in the south coast and they are over 40 year old. How is this? Aren't Southern going to replace them? It's completely egregious they keep them given the glut of 350s, 360s, 379s...
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    The FT: Chris Grayling looks to Japan to make the most of privatisation.

    The article is linked below, but since you probably don't have a subscription, I will summarise. Rail privatisation: the UK looks for secrets of Japan’s success It starts by saying UK Retail Price index is 280 points and the...
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    Most scenic or closest to London Pacer journeys.

    Hello all, Apologies if this is in the wrong sub forum (I went for general), from London what is the fastest way to get to a station that has pacers serving it? Also what are some scenic or unusual pacer journeys I can make before PRM phases them all out at the end of this year? Northerners...
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    Class 350 locked room mystery

    I don't travel on these often but I noticed that when you step onto the train and look right in one of the two middle coaches where a group of seats should be, there there is a locked frosted glass room. Any idea what it's for? I don't have pictures.