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    GCR Edwardian day

    Here are some very interesting pics i toke today at the GCR's Edwardian day Look forward to hearing from you with your comments
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    Black 5 45305

    Black 5 45305 has recently returned to the mainline!! I have managed to follow her around a bit and get some pics of her on the main line NEXT TOUR: Hereward Express - 02/07/05 Tyseley (Warwick Road), Nuneaton &...
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    GCR Summer gala 23/07/05 - 24/07/05

    "Summer Gala" Saturday 23 July to Sunday 24 July Summer GALA promises lots of action A heck of a lot of trains. That's the promise of the summer gala. The Gala captures the moment steam engines were being replaced by diesels designed under the 1955 modernisation plan. The railways were...