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    Becoming a Train Driver?

    C2C advertised for part time trainee mainline drivers earlier in the year. Anglia are moving back towards drawing drivers from depots on the east side. West side will likely come up again soon enough. Underground. No chance for ages. Overground recruitment is on hold. TfL rail likely have enough...
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    Greater Anglia Liverpool St

    I think both are just after 0500 earliest book on and after 0000 for latest off on anglia and after 0100 on west but both sides have night work too. Sundays outside committed. That’s as much as I know.
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    Can rail staff travel in first class?

    I have a first class pass for my TOC. For off peak, leisure only. Never used it.
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    Depot Driver Passout

    Yes, quite correct. All anglia depot drivers apart from ilford go on the mainline to some small degree. Don’t do quite the full rules though.
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    Shunter GTR/SOUTHERN

    It’s a higher basic than C2C or AGA depot drivers.
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    Db cargo

    I was under reg 19 notice for 18 months once for something that I had nothing to do with. Fun times
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    Best railway job for exercise

    Depot driver. Between 5-10 miles a day walking back and forth from the sidings to the station.
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    Greater Anglia Ex Anglia

    What depot are you interested in?
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    Arriva rail London trainee drivers

    The DMI does not count as a fail for other companies.
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    Arriva rail London trainee drivers

    Stuck one in. First time failed vse. Second time didn’t get a reply even for sift. Third time lucky lol?
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    MMI and Police :S

    And remember it’s about what you did in the situation.
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    Trainee train driver advert for Arriva Rail London now open

    Enhanced paper tests. Also visual search exercise & dfft in addition.
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    Crewe depot operators

    There is a driver depots sticky at the top of this board. What you seek is on the first page.
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    Freightliner depots

    I was invited for Dmi last week for tilbury (for the second time) but unfortunately couldn’t make it so there is some movement.
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    Freightliner Various Trainee Drivers

    Interviews are also held in London offices. W1
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    Non-Safety Critical roles in Rail?

    Revenue protection? All the other things I can think of you haven’t mentioned are clerical. Eg rosters, ticket office. Some train cleaning roles are safety critical if you have to go trackside.
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    Freightliner Various Trainee Drivers

    Straight to DMI for me. Maybe second time lucky??
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    Greater Anglia Vacancies -Trainee Mainline Driver

    I started 6 weeks after my medical. Your uniform order will be done online on your on boarding login. What role / depot did you get in the end.