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  1. Lucan

    A4s without Casings ?

    In another (non-railway) forum someone made the comment that some A4s would run in service in later years without the streamlined casing. I have never heard of this happening. Of course he may have been confusing it with the LMS Coronation class, or the SR Merchant Navy class. Does anyone know...
  2. Lucan

    cartometro Website

    Does anyone know what has happened with the cartmetro website? I often refer to it for its detailed map of London's railways, and have bookmarked it. But two days ago my browser (FF ver 68.3) came up with a full red-screen warning that the site contains malware. I clicked through the...
  3. Lucan

    Turn-back Sidings

    Looking at the Carto.Metro map of London's railways ... ... I am wondering what the reasoning is behind the location of turn-back sidings on the Underground. Some are at more significant stations like just south of Victoria, facing...
  4. Lucan

    Another Old Photo

    This might be a tall order. I have been sorting through old photos of my father's, and found this. Does anyone know where it was? I suspect it might be Thorpeness Halt on the GE Aldeburgh Branch, as my parents did holiday around there once or twice. I guess those coach bodies might have been...
  5. Lucan

    Microsoft moving towards Cloud Accounts Only

    Microsoft is arm-twisting new Windows 10 users into signing up for a Microsoft Account, by making it hard to set up a local one. From : It is still possible to set up a local account...
  6. Lucan

    Bristol Clean Air Zone

    I did post about this in the Buses & Coaches forum, but many of you guys here may have missed that. Bristol City Council have approved a scheme to ban private diesel cars from the city centre and dockside areas from 07:00 to 15:00, and are to charge diesel taxis, buses, coaches, and HGVs £100...
  7. Lucan

    Bristol Diesel Charge

    Bristol City Council have approved a scheme to ban private diesel cars from the city centre and dockside areas, and are to charge diesel buses, coaches and HGVs £100 per day to enter this and a much wider area (roughly the entire inner city). This would affect not only most local bus routes but...
  8. Lucan

    South Eastern and Chatham Railway

    I know the South Eastern and Chatham Railway was formed by a partial amalgamtion of the South Eastern Railway and the London Chatham and Dover Railway. It is strange that they kept the word Chatham in the name as clearly Chatham is in the South East anyway. No doubt they wanted to keep some...
  9. Lucan

    Why I would never buy anything from Apple

    Apple are suing a small independent repair shop in Norway for repairing their phones :- From that link :- The real issue here is not about...
  10. Lucan

    Bus Shelter built Not on a Bus Route

    From the Metro :- You couldn't think it up :rolleyes:
  11. Lucan

    Rubbish Collection Rant

    The only thing I can think of that I get*, or should get, for paying >£200 pcm Council Tax is routine rubbish collection. But for the last 3 weeks even that has stopped. It seems that every time there is a change of Chief Rubbish Office in the council (sorry, I meant "Recycling Officer", no...
  12. Lucan

    Recommend a Personal Finance Forum?

    I have an income tax question to ask - can anyone recommend a forum for that sort of thing. I have found : ... but it it does not respond when I click "Join" and seems to want you to join via Facebook or certain other social sites, and I'm not doing that...
  13. Lucan

    Sat Nav Doomsday

    I have heard on another forum that some older GPS systems will stop working on 6 April because of a Millenium-type bug. The week counter will roll over to zero, and because GPS systems need to know the correct date the older ones will stop working or just become wrong. Newer ones are not...
  14. Lucan

    Extent of Quadruple Track from London termini

    Trivia, or is it? Up to what points are the main lines from London quadruple track? I think I know some, correct me if I am wrong :- Brighton Line to a little north of Balcombe Tunnel GWR main line to Steventon LSWR to Worting Junction, just west of Basingstoke Midland Main Line to Sharnbrook...
  15. Lucan

    A New Type of Phone Scam?

    I have had an automated phone call twice in two days. A slow robotic voice said that it is forwarding a call from British Telecom, and that my phone and internet connection will cease today. It then instructed me to press 2 to speak to their tech department to resolve the matter. (I can't...
  16. Lucan

    Google Street View does Station Car Park - LoL!

    Perhaps not quite up to the ongoing Market Harborough Bridge Strike thread. Here is Reigate Station car park height barrier, in the sequence of events :lol: :-
  17. Lucan

    "Go Paperless" Nagging

    I have just received my TV licence renewal (by post). On the back it has this nag :- More secure? How do they know how secure my computer and its connection are? Even worse, if I had received it into a smartphone, how much more likely that is to be lost or stolen than a house burglar would...
  18. Lucan

    Step Plate Junction

    Can someone please tell me what a step plate junction is? Seems to be particular to tunnels.
  19. Lucan

    Google Street View - at night??

    I was recently watching a Londonist video about abandoned London Tube stations .. and decided to look for the site of City Road Station in EC1 on Google Street View. I found that some of the street view around here was done at night! It is the first time...
  20. Lucan

    LSWR Livery

    Flipping through TV channels last night I came across a programme about restoring four vintage carriages fo the Llangollen Railway. One was a LSWR coach and the livery was pink upper body sides and chocolate brown lower. It was so unbelievably ghastly that I wonder if this was correct. In the...