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    Northern ticket machines - french

    That's a problem you'll see around the world on vending machines of many types from many suppliers. The common factor is Ingenico who for reasons best known only to themselves (other than being French) only supply PIN Pad hardware with a "V" for Validate (French verb for "accept") no matter...
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    Northern ticket machines - french

    Correct. In summary, the machine only translates the text that is part of it's own programming. Everything that comes from an RDG (Rail Delivery Group) or other third party "feed" is in whatever language it was entered to the feed in (which, to be honest, is often better described as "railway"...
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    Review of the Penalty Fares Appeal Process by Transport Focus

    Those "necessary resources and training" would likely need to include knowing that when dealing with ticket machines, and with the best will in the world, it's really easy to know when a machine is definitely not working; but really quite hard to know when it definitely is working. So any...
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    Northern franchise to end 1 March 2020 with Operator of Last Resort to take over

    Not sure where that information comes from - but I'm afraid it's not true. The machines are owned by Arriva Rail North Ltd, with the supplier providing maintenance services under a pretty conventional SLA (service level agreement) contract. No commission is taken by the supplier to my knowledge...
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    Northern auto ticket machines

    If you're referring to the LNER machines, didn't Flowbird do those too?
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    Was the ITSO system ever meant to be rolled out across the entire network?

    My understanding is that if you have any TOC issued card with the "three sausages" logo, you can load any ticket on a smart route from any retailing point that sells smart products. So, I could rock up to a Northern TVM and load a smart GA Anytime Return Ipswich>Lowestoft onto my SWR "Touch"...
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    Paying only when challenged – cash vs card

    On numbers I can make an educated observation. From what I understand there are something like 600 card only ticket machines on the Northern network, and a card only machine is roughly £10,000 cheaper to buy than a cash and card one. Therefore, you're looking at a something like £6 million...
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    New station for Warrington West

    It'll be something like that. There's a number of stations where new TVMs have been installed where there were none before where this is also the case. However, as Rail Ranger points out above, choosing a collection station is simply a check that you are planning to collect at a station with...
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    Grand Central e-tickets

    Might you be able to be able to invoke the Distance Selling Regulations? Looking at the list in the link, feels like you might be able to use either: • must be given clear information about the...
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    Northern Ticket Machine Update Issues

    The full horror of the daftness being illustrated by this snippet of a Trainline search for next Sunday afternoon:
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    Northern Ticket Machine Update Issues

    Of course, the other story may actually be a key part of the story here. Those 12 or so available tickets (which are, of course, daft) are likely part of the reasoning behind the interface on the new Northern machines. While the VT machine is quick if you know which ticket you need, if you don't...
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    Nice surprise last Saturday; is this cheap Northern ticket still going?

    Should be able to get it on the machine at the station. May need to do a journey search, and it will then show you which trains you can use it on.
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    Northern Ticket Machine Update Issues

    Unfortunately, difficult is not impossible given enough time :-(
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    Northern Ticket Machine Update Issues

    I find with these things it's often worth trying. While none of them have the AMEX logo on, the ones I've tried did accept it...
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    How do ticket purchases from station ticket machines show on bank statements?

    Very true. Something to do with assisting fraud tracking at the card issuers I believe, as they know where the Merchant Accounts physically are. So they can do clever things like: "Mr Exesoundtech used his card in Penzance at 10:55, and has now tried to use it in Edinburgh at 11:02. That can't...
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    Northern Ticket Machine Update Issues

    So it seems that C2C have started rolling out machines with similar functionality to the Northern ones (i.e. not just walk up tickets for travel now). Would appear that they are experiencing similar "challenges" with this from the feedback on Twitter...
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    Video-linked Ticket Machines Trial

    This'll be like the system that's been in use at SWT/SWR for about 3.5 years now:
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    Suggestion for one fare between Stockport and Manchester

    To enlighten the conversation (don't think I've seen it in the thread), the full scale of the crazy is shown on this BR Fares search: From which I note VTWC are giving away Metrolink "add ons" with the Stockport-Manchester Central Zone costing...
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    Northern Ticket Machine Update Issues

    Which, it seems, is exactly what does happen if you've got a smart card with a number of expired tickets on it :-)