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    Network Rail benefits

    Hi, I recently applied for a job with Network Rail, the advert mentioned discount on a season ticket, are there benefits on rail travel without buying a season ticket?
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    LNER Customer Host

    Hi, I have been invited to do a video interview for LNER as a customer host, any idea what questions will be asked etc? Cheers.
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    Inverkeithing to Aberdeen journey: could I gen an HST?

    Can anyone please tell me what service I could get a refurbished or classic on this Monday around lunchtime from Inverkeithing to Aberdeen? Cheers
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    Passenger Class 56

    What were the planned modifications to the 56's for conversion to passenger locomotives, were any modified or how far did the project proceed?
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    Cost of MK3 Buffet

    Hi, who would be the best contact regarding buying a MK3 Buffet, presumably a few will be out of use now.
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    Classs 37 through Aberdour?

    Can anyone tell me please, did i hear a class 37 pass through Aberdour in Fife this morning at 3:35am ? I was staying at my parents and its fairly close to the line. Cheers
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    Sleeper to London

    Hi, i am wanting to go by sleeper from Aberdeen to London, but i actually need to get to Crawley, is it possible to get a through ticket? Or do i need to by a separate ticket from London too and from Crawley? Cheers
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    Midford Station, S&D

    Hi, needing some help please. I need to park my car as close to Midford Station for a couple of days in early March so as i can access the old railway line as i will be running backwards and forwards through Combe Down Tunnel. Can anyone recommend some where to park?
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    What's this from?

    Can anyone tell me what plate this is from please? No number on it, just LMS.
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    Totley Tunnel

    Why was Totley tunnel shut today? Something to do with ice?
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    Simon Jenkins article regarding cancelled electrification schemes: Is this serious?

    Does the journalist know anything about railways? ""
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    Woodhead route at Torside

    Hi, looking at OS maps it looks like the Woodhead route was on the south side of the reservoir but there is an old railway marked on the north side, what lune was this please?
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    Trivia: Scrapped locos or rolling stock

    Just a thought, what locos or rolling stock that have vern scrapped but if were available would now have a use?
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    Historic railway maps

    Hi, does anyone know where to find free online historic maps about railways? Cheers.
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    Aberdeen sleeper broken down

    Hi, any news about the Aberdeen bound sleeper, broken down and line blocked south of Montrose?
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    Caledonian sleeper

    What's going on with the sleeper from Aberdeen? Why have the class 73's not been modified yet and now class 47 are providing hotel power!
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    written off classs 66

    What happened to the body shell that was stripped at Eastleigh?
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    class 73 rebuild

    What's the latest information about the 73's on the sleepers, why are they stilt being piloted by clans 66
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    Terrible quality ride EC Virgin 125

    H, I am on the 9:52 from Aberdeen to King's x, in coach C, it feels like the coach is not coupled correctly as it's bumping against the next coach, I thought with buckeye coupling it would be a tight fit?
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    Waverley Route

    Hi, when was the last time it was possible to travel on the Waverly route before the track was lifted completely?