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  1. tramboy

    Pacer issues

    With a topic title that's bound to get some people noticing this, I'm having an issue with my old 142 (blue/regional railways in case anyone is interested). There's a slight incline in my track thanks to baseboard warping, and occasionally the thing just stops on it, unable to get...
  2. tramboy

    Bachmann Container Flats

    Hi! Having purchased a pack of two container flats, plus containers, (The "SeaCo" (Sea Containers!) ones), I was wondering if anyone could help me with where the various extra accoutrements go! I've worked out that four are door handles, and that the two coupler hooks/coupler bar go in between...
  3. tramboy

    Map of former suburban lines

    Hi all. I'm doing some general research on suburban lines in Nottingham, mainly for my interest, but also for a possible dissertation title (oh yes, geography is a wide and varied subject), so if anyone has a map of the lines that ran through the city many years ago, or a link to one, I'd be...
  4. tramboy

    Kato Unitrack

    Hi all! Anyone else used it? I've just bought a starter kit today, and I must say it's very good! It's easy to set up, doesn't require permanence, and the bonus for me is that it will now take me less time to create working layouts in Durham of a weekend! It's by Kato, a Japanese...
  5. tramboy

    Models for Christmas?

    Hi all! Anyone receive any nice models for Christmas this year? Personally, I was given a N gauge Eurostar...which now happily fills the limited amount of track I have. Unfortunately, the centre coupling (where the two half sets join) is broken, so I have to head to Sheffield to hope they...
  6. tramboy

    185102 out and about

    Hi all. I don't know if anyone else has spotted this, but 185102 has been seen out and about this week in the North West region...see North West Scene for more, and the links page there for more photos of it. Looks quite good to me! Merry Christmas to all too... Dave
  7. tramboy

    MerseyTram Axed

    From Merseyside tram system plan axed Artist's impression of Merseytram The first trams were planned for 2008 Merseyside's much-troubled plans for a tram system will not go ahead, the government has announced. A £170m fund...
  8. tramboy

    ECML Delays

    Hi all. I'm getting sporadic reports of delays on the ECML nr Retford due to a signalling problem. Possibly caused by a broken rail. Apparently single line working is in effect. If i find out more i'll let you know. Regards Dave
  9. tramboy

    Armistice Day 2005

    All.... As we know, it was the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month when the guns fell silent at the end of World War I. The two minute silence will be respected by millions, not only across Britain, but across the world, and I hope that we will all join them in this...I for one...
  10. tramboy


    For anyone interested, or not, here is what went through Durham between 2300 and 0015 last night: 2259: 221135 "Donald Campbell" (N/B) 2259: 91125 "Berwick-upon-Tweed" (S/B with drunken yobs!) 2306: 91127 "Edinburgh Castle" (N/B) 2317: 60088 (S/B with TEA/TDA tanks) 0001: 91120...
  11. tramboy

    Cycles...on trains!

    Evening all I face a 30 minute walk ahead of me back from Collingwood's library to my in that time, whilst I am devoid of internet, i was wondering if anyone could tell me about taking cycles on trains. More specifically, GNER trains on Sunday. Even more specifically...i'm...
  12. tramboy

    The JCB Song

    I spotted this little gem of a song on the internet earlier, and liked it for it's relaxed feel. It also has a meaning behind it (read "about the song") on the site. A word of warning it's better on broadband...dial up users will find it takes a long time to load. Regards Dave
  13. tramboy

    01 Sept Storms and the Metro

    Apparently, according to BBC News, Tyne and Wear Metro services were disrupted yesterday after lightning hit the power lines. Passengers were evacuated from one train at Sth Wardley Farm, Wardley, Gateshead and led 1 mile along the track to a waiting bus. I'm guessing that is somewhere...
  14. tramboy

    White Rose/Regional 373s

    Hi all... ...does anyone know anything about the rumour that i heard of these heading back to Eurostar at the end of the year? Or is it just that, or rumour? Regards Dave
  15. tramboy

    Discovery Launched

    Not even anyway railway related, but i thought it might interest people to know that STS-114 has got off the ground. Currently everything seems to be going ok...there is live coverage on BBC News. Cheers Dave
  16. tramboy

    Robin Hood Line/ Nth Nottingham Disruptions

    As is usual there has been a fatality on the Robin Hood Line at Newstead...a common place for people to jump the AHB it is only single line across it, and most people think that trains are going slow to stop, when in fact some go straight through the station. Robin Hood Line...
  17. tramboy

    Engineering work

    Hi Just as a general question, mainly because it's causing me a lot of hassle trying to get people together, does anyone know what's going on between Doncaster and Wakefield/Leeds next Sunday? Cheers Dave
  18. tramboy

    Royal Ascot at York

    No idea whether this is the right place, but Ascot at York is making life interesting for staff at the station, and for us too! All exits and entrances are guarded by GNER, TPEX or Northern staff, and all of them must be commended for being so polite and efficient even when people are rushing...