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    Major flaw with Permits to travel / Penalty fares

    Why would I tell you who I work for? it is the passenger's responsibility to ensure the RPI gave him a ticket when he withdrew the PTT. You could of said something but you never, your in the wrong Oh yeah, the fact that you play with door panels and dangerously hang out of trains is bad...
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    Major flaw with Permits to travel / Penalty fares

    So theoretically you are accusing my collegues of playing dirty tricks. Hmm no wonder you enthusiasts get a bad name by rail staff because you criticise us. You dont make it clear to me... so you actually had handed in you Permit for a ticket? but did you get a ticket. By the way, why...
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    Major flaw with Permits to travel / Penalty fares

    A permit to travel should be handed over for exchange of a ticket. That permit is there so that you do not get a penalty charge. If a RPI asks you for a ticket or a permit to travel and you dont have anything, regardless of previous RPI taking them(your own fault IMO). you still need to upon...
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    Trespasser dies

    I think some of the things that have been said on here are quite disgraceful. No one deserves to die especially a child. Think of his family, a young life just taken away out of their hands. Put yourself in a fathers or mothers postion. How would you feel if that was your son? Like i said before...
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    And the mallards suffer with the same problem as the pendos, Toilets not functioning properly, The smell from the tanks can be quiet vile too. The class 91 achieved a ‘moving average’ number of miles between breakdowns of 52,723 in April 2005 – more than five times higher than the same month...
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    The 91s are alot more reliable since they had the modifications, although Ive seen a few die over the last couple of months, One at shipley where they had to fetch the thunderbird out cos it was well and truely ballsed up. The HST sets are a mess and its a regular occurence you will see them...
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    Trespasser dies

    But im afraid people do go on the tracks, something which will never be stopped, no matter what you do. All you can do is aware them of the dangers and of course the consequencues
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    Derby to Crewe for bve

    I remember quite a while back about this route from another forum, but have been away for so long and forgot where to find the progress of this route was going on. Is it actually available for download yet, because it was about a ear ago when i last heard about his project. Also is there...
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    Were You At Derby?

    Well im from derby area, but surly you wouldnt know who I was, unless we met in a past life or summit
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    South East Franchise

    hehe, nice one its a shame its being refranchised, much better in goverments hands IMO
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    Hello all

    Hello everyone. Im new to here and work on the railway. I found this place after a search on the net for rail forums. I have heard some bad stuff about this place, but after looking it seems ok. Well a jolly good hello to everyone here and hope my time here is as interesting as other places