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  1. Yank 119

    Lineside Photographers At Gala's

    Who said anything about magazines? But yea, you're right. Most magazines would rather "tamper" with the images themselves prior to publishing. :lol: Photography is such serious business! :roll: I sure am glad I only take photos for my own personal enjoyment and satisfaction.
  2. Yank 119

    Lineside Photographers At Gala's

    Not hard to fix. Took less than 30 seconds to make the orange disappear.
  3. Yank 119

    Dutch commuter trains get emergency 'toilet bags'

    I call BS as well, as most airplanes equipped with an ejection seat also require the use of a flight suit, which would make it impossible to use one of those urinal bags in the first place...
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    US train explodes after derailment in Illinois

    Tiskilwa is on the Iowa Interstate Railroad, a class II regional railroad.
  5. Yank 119

    Electric Freight

    How about actual dual mode locomotives?
  6. Yank 119

    Famous rail enthusiasts
  7. Yank 119

    Signalling Centres...Good or Bad??

    Thanks for the info, tried to PM you so as not to drag this off topic, but your inbox is full. I didn't know BNSF has moved things away from Fort Worth, when did all that occur? Very interesting!
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    Signalling Centres...Good or Bad??

    Could you clarify "many US railroads" please? I only know of one US railroad that has centralised then later de-dentralised their control centres: CSX.
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    The North really is grim

    So you deliberately posted something inflammatory (a lie at that) to get people to argue? That's called being a troll.
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    Skid control

    This video may be of interest.
  11. Yank 119

    Best post-1998 built rolling stock for comfort

    LOL :D Somehow I'm not that surprised.
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    Best post-1998 built rolling stock for comfort

    I have limited experience but I shall offer my opinions. I was last in the UK in 2004. EMU: The only post-'98 electric units I rode were 460s and 375s. I much prefer the 460, even though the 375 I had was very new. Slammers won my heart immediately, however. I'm glad I got to experience them...
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    Bedford Area in the 1970s - Photos

    Bless you for taking the time to upload these, OT. Great content.
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    Chatsworth (USA) Collision Report

    Ideally, there should be an "exit" signal at every station. But the way this piece of railway was constructed, the passing siding (loop) was divided into two blocks separated by one set of intermediate signals. Southbound trains stopping at the station are able to see this signal, northbound...
  15. Yank 119

    Any ideas where this is?

    Looks like the northern throat tracks of Köln Hauptbahnhof, Cologne, Germany.
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    Yet again another idiot......

    I must ask, what IS the best type of bag to carry on a train so as to not disturb your fellow passengers?
  17. Yank 119

    State of train toilets

    You know what he originally said is true too! :wink:
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    Top Gear on the GCR shown July 17, BBC2

    This seems to be a major theme in life today. No one can take any sort of criticism without getting their feathers ruffled and lashing back at the person who made the comment. It's ridiculous. To some (and might I say a lot of young people), if you have a different opinion, or are indeed...
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    Good luck finding friends in life.

    Good luck finding friends in life.
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    Top Gear on the GCR shown July 17, BBC2

    Looking at it now, it certainly appears that way.