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  1. DaleCooper

    Funny YouTube Subtitle

    An interesting video about fossils from Aron Ra. Imagine a deaf conspiracy theorist seeing the subtitles at 1:50.
  2. DaleCooper

    It's an ill wind ... (Jet Stream helps set new transatlantic flight record)

    825mph in a 747! Storm Ciara helps plane beat transatlantic flight record
  3. DaleCooper

    Trump's Wall Comes Tumbling Down

    A section of Trump's wall on the US/Mexico border has succumbed to high winds. This is what you get when "Mexico pays for the wall". Unconfirmed reports suggest it was repaired by Mexican construction workers.
  4. DaleCooper

    Sonos speakers will work 'as long as possible'

    I confess to indulging in a bit of schadenfreude when I read this. Most of my speakers are 40 to 50 years old and have never needed a software update.
  5. DaleCooper

    Lose vs Loose

    At the risk of being labelled a pedant or worse "a spelling Nazi" I would like to point out the difference between the words "lose" (verb: to be deprived of, unable to find, fail to win etc.) and "loose" (adjective: not tight, slack, careless etc.). I don't know why but the mistake of using...
  6. DaleCooper

    Death of Neil Innes

    Neil Innes of Bonzo Dog, The Rutles, Monty Python films and much more has died aged 75. Among other things he wrote better Beatles songs than Lennon and McCartney.
  7. DaleCooper

    Jimi Hendrix cleared of blame for UK parakeet release

    At last, justice for Jimi. I think this is appropriate:
  8. DaleCooper

    Houston police chief hits out at politicians and NRA after officer death

    I found this police chief's address very moving and remarkable for someone in his position to speak out so strongly against politicians.
  9. DaleCooper

    Sir Rod Stewart reveals his epic model railway city
  10. DaleCooper

    Cheap Airfix Kits

    If anyone's interested I was in Aldi this afternoon and they were selling Airfix starter kits for £4.99. Only a limited range mainly WW2 aircraft (Spitfire, BF109, FW190, Tomahawk) plus Folland Gnat and Cutty Sark, of course I don't know if they have them in all branches.
  11. DaleCooper

    Azumas in Tandem

    Today at Peterborough I saw two short Azuma sets in tandem at about 1205 and another pair at 1225 both southbound. What's that about?
  12. DaleCooper

    US ambassador in 'fake news' blunder

    Lies upon lies. This sort of thing seems typical of the Trump administration.
  13. DaleCooper

    Good News for Cider Drinkers

    I normally restrict myself to a single can of Strongbow in the evening but today I read the label and it says the recommended daily dose for men is 3 to 4 units; as a can is equivalent to 2.2 units it means I should be drinking 1.5 to 2 cans per day.
  14. DaleCooper

    Fruit Flies

    Is anyone else being plagued by unusual numbers of fruit flies?
  15. DaleCooper

    Whittlesey Bridge To Be Replaced

    A local news report I thought might be of interest from both the infrastructure and service disruption aspects.
  16. DaleCooper

    Airplane! (a look at similarities with Zero Hour)

    If you're a fan of the film Airplane! you really need to see this.
  17. DaleCooper

    It's "have" not "of".

    I had assumed the use of "of" in place of "have" in phrases such as "I should of bought a ticket" was a relatively recent phenomenon but I've just discovered this in the 1943 Ray Bradbury short story "The Scythe". It's not just a product of text messages and the internet after all.
  18. DaleCooper

    Pentagonal Hole

    Are there any toolmakers or similar on the forum who can explain this? I wanted a 12mm hole in some thin (~1mm) rigid plastic. I started with a 3mm drill then a 7mm drill but decided any bigger would be too aggressive on the thin material so I would open it up with my tapered hand reamer which...
  19. DaleCooper

    Monaco Grand Prix 1964

    I found an old copy of "Motor Sport" magazine today which includes a report of the 1964 Monaco Grand Prix. The following is a précis of the most interesting part: While leading in the Lotus 25 Jim Clark suffered a broken anti-roll bar which, although it didn't slow him down, fell off on the...
  20. DaleCooper

    GNR Rail Crash (1922)

    What a way to be woken up.