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  1. adamedwards

    Trivia: Splitting big stations in to separately named bits

    So your challenge is to take a station and using your knowledge of railway history and naming conventions devise some suitable names for the credible separate bits. For example, using Wrexham as my model, Stevenage should be: Stevenage General p1-4 and Stevenage Exchange for the new p5...
  2. adamedwards

    Points north of Hatfield (Herts) station

    Just curious to know if these points from fast to slow lines are ever used in regular traffic, eg a once per day route knowledge routing. They are looking very dull in comparison with the well used tracks they connect.
  3. adamedwards

    Burneside Lower Level Crossing 5 mph limit

    Prompted by the other post on the limit at North Berwick, I'm curious to know about the very slow limit at this point. I am assuming a combination of sight lines and a single track road plus an assumption that all trains are all stations which hasn't been true in some recent timetables. I'm also...
  4. adamedwards

    West Highland Line timetable 2020

    I read major changes are planned in particular to Fort William. Does anyone know roughly what is planned yet? Excuse for speculative timetables. Unleash those spreadsheets!
  5. adamedwards

    Shotts line v Carstairs line: which is faster?

    Today's Railways mentions the 100mph top speed on the Shotts line. So a question: For Inter City trains currently running via Carstairs, would they be faster via Shotts. I appreciate the local services would be a parting issue as would be missing Motherwell. But traded off against the very...
  6. adamedwards

    Penrith platform 3

    Is this ever used by a passenger service? Curious after catching the train from Penrith yesterday.
  7. adamedwards

    Contactless payment on the bus. How common is this?

    Southern Vectis have wave and pay on all the routes we used on the island during our recent holiday. Arrivals say not possible in Herts as fare stages are too complicated. So curious to know where else you can wave and pay on the bus? London of course. But where else?
  8. adamedwards

    London to Brighton bike ride stock to get the bikes back

    Reading that because of the London to Brighton bike ride, no bikes on trains from Brighton on Sunday. So the bike riders are hiring coaches. Now surely we can do better? Could Class 325s be used for the bikes? Or something? I'm sure there is a creative solution out there!
  9. adamedwards

    St Albans turn back siding - slow departures

    I get the 0823 from St Albans every morning. The train comes very slowly pour of the siding. Then half way down the platform speeds up and then stops. So questions: Is this due to low speed points or low speed signaling? Is the speed up becuse the driver can then see the signal at the...
  10. adamedwards

    SWR tickets not allowing Gold Card discount to Isle of Wight

    My sister in law is travelling to the Isle of Wight next month from Cheam. She can get an advanced ticket but no discount for her Gold Card, but there is a discount for Two Together, 16-25 and Families and Friends. Is this an error or deliberate policy? Or is it because the ticket also...
  11. adamedwards

    CalMac ferries South Uist - Barra - Oban

    The South Uist - Barra - Oban service is showing on the app as requiring a change of ferry at Castlebay, Barra, between the Lord of the Isles and Hebridean Isles ships. Can anyone tell me what is causing this?
  12. adamedwards

    CalMac Lochboisdale ferry

    Just been looking at the winter ferry times and noticed Lochboisdale has no ferry on Tuesday and Thursday. Anyone know if the ferry simply sits in harbour as not enough demand or does it do a freight only run not in the public timetable? Curious as Barra has a ferry every day. Oban to Barra is...
  13. adamedwards

    Branchline to Dunoon

    Came across this plan for tunnels under the Clyde to open up the Cowal peninsula for development and avoid landslip prone roads further north. The plans include a railway (!) with stations at Kilcreggan, Strone, Sandbank and Dunoon...
  14. adamedwards

    5x Class 153 conversion to bike and baggage vans for Scotrail

    Report in Local Transport Today on a possible conversion of 153s to be baggage vans on Scottish tourist routes like the Far North, as they can be joined to existing trains...
  15. adamedwards

    313s to London Kings Cross - separate diagrams or interworked with Moorgate services

    There are rush hour 313 services into Kings Cross. Do they work as a separate diagram doing more than one trip to or from KX or do they interwork with the trains to Moorgate by swapping at Welwyn Garden City? Curiosity got the better of me.
  16. adamedwards

    Stevenage platform 5

    I'm aware that the lack of this platform is going to mean bus from Watton at Stone to Stevenage from 2018 due to pathing issues with the new Thameslink timetable. My question is where will this platform be added in and how long will it be?. 8 cars and added to the south end Woking style...
  17. adamedwards

    Canterbury West 2020

    I've seen a number of references in the rail press that Canterbury West is due for resignalling in 2020. I assume this will also deal with the 8 car platforms, too short for a 12 Javelin, plus the odd layout at the eastern end where the London bound trains have a slow wiggle from the min line...
  18. adamedwards

    Class 313 GN withdrawal plan

    Is there a plan to use the influx of new trains to GN lines to start an early withdrawal of the 313s eg by removing them from Kings Cross trains? As some of them have leaking roofs, a source of extra spares for other bits may be needed. Or might such a cascade be used to run more trains to...
  19. adamedwards

    Gordon Hill - loop restoration

    I went through Gordon Hill today. The layout is two island platforms, but currently only three tracks Down Hertford Loop, Up Hertford Loop and a bay platform on the east (up) side. From time to time I read of plans to restore one or both loops to enable inter city trains to over take the...
  20. adamedwards

    West Hampstead - platforms on the main line?

    West Hampstead station has 4 platforms, 2 fast, 2 slow. Clearly stopping on the fast lines blocks the East Midlands Trains inter-cities, so doesn't happen. However, I wonder if there is a way round this: Upgrade the Down Hendon line which passes behind platform 4 to passenger...