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    Midland Metro T69s?

    The new Urbos 3 trams are well into their deployment, but what will become of the old T69s? Apparently 01, 03, 04, and 07 have gone to the 'tram test centre' at Long Marston, according to Wiki. I know it's a bit late to ask.
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    Bham Moor St disused bay platforms

    Hello all, Apologies if this has been done to death or discussed elsewhere. My question is: Is it monumentally shortsighted of Chiltern or whomever to essentially sever Platform 4 from the main line, and is it inevitable that growing amounts of traffic will require it to be re-opened in...
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    Most 'endangered' units/locos?

    Hello all, What is/are, in your opinions, the rolling stock with the least amount of time left? I'm weighing up the next day out and am wondering what's the best thing to focus on in terms of having less time to photograph it, e.g. 142s or EC HSTs. Hope everyone had a great Christmas...
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    Heritage Railway Exhibition?

    Being a regular attendee to exhibitions and events such as the Warley Model Railway and Multimodal, I cannot help but wonder what an exhibition of heritage locomotive operators/railway societies would be like. With the countless societies, groups and clubs there are, I think it would be a...
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    Happy New Year everyone! Just wondering, is 87002 back at Warrington now? Any word on how long it'll be there....? Thanks in advance.
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    FGW units at Worcester

    Hello, Can anyone supply me with times/diagrams for when 180s, 150s and 165s turn up at Worcester Shrub Hill/Foregate Street? Thanks in advance.
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    Longest 153 formation?

    Hello, Just wondering what the longest ever 'Tin Rocket' rake/formation was? Preferably service examples and not convoys. Cheers!
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    Any more DMUs?

    Simply put, will there ever be another order for a fleet of DMUs? Not counting bi-modes or anything. Or to cast the net further, for how many more years could there be cases for ordering more DMUs? There's probably a wealth of information I've bypassed through ignorance, forgive me. Cheers.
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    55009 'Alycidon' dragging D1062 and D821 to York

    Seen here through Bescot: 55009 'Alycidon', Bescot by JH Stokes, on Flickr And D821 on the back: D821 'Greyhound', Bescot by JH Stokes, on Flickr And a tripod/HD video! Please view the photos on Flickr so I can scrounge some more views :wink...
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    Bypassing Tamworth and Lichfield T.V. on the WCML?

    Hello, I wasn't sure where to post this, so here it is. Is it possible for a train, going up or down the WCML, pass through Rugeley Trent Valley, avoid Lichfield Trent Valley and Tamworth but then pass through Nuneaton, or vice versa? I ask this after seeing timings for trains and tours...
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    87002 & 86101 - Fate?

    Please speculate as to the respective fates of these unlucky locos. -Sent abroad? -Stuffed & mounted? -Rot in a yard/depot? -Or...the fate that dare not be pronounced? Royal Sovereign dragged by 47245 to Willesden :(
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    Freightmaster books available in shops....?

    Hi all, Do any of you happen to see Freightmaster books in the shops these days? I recall seeing them in Ian Allan shops and on-station WHSmiths before, but not in recent times. Is it only possible to buy the books straight from FM Publishing now? Cheers.
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    Best place to see Class 90 loco-hauled...?

    Hi all, I'm seriously itching to see some Greater Anglia 90s. Thinking of going to Stratford, but what is, in your esteemed opinions, the best place to see them? How many turns do they work a day? Many thanks.
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    71000 moving to LNWR Heritage, Crewe

    Thanks to Crewe Heritage Centre's Facebook presence for posting it... Timings please?!
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    York & NRM 5.1.13

    Hullo all! Started the new year by going off to see Dwight... Full set:[email protected]/sets/72157632456099054/ Excerpts: 142025, York by Jimmy Stokes, on Flickr 185118, York by Jimmy Stokes, on Flickr 43310, York by Jimmy Stokes, on Flickr D1023 'Western...
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    56094 on tour!

    Hauling Pathfinder's 'The Thames Angerman' out of Bham New Street. Not the best photos you'll see of this tour, but still.... 56094, Bham New Street, 22.12.12 by 60163, on Flickr 56094, Bham New Street, 22.12.12 by 60163, on Flickr And 66069, who brought the tour into Bham New...
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    Double-Duffs, Super Tug & a Hall

    47810+501 doing the CSE: 47810+501, Tamworth, 15.12.12 by 60163, on Flickr 60011 with tanks: And Rood Ashton Hall: 4965, Tamworth 15.12.12 by 60163, on Flickr Enjoy! P.S. If...
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    Request: Northern Belle timings 8/12/12

    ...please? Cheers.
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    Colas Trials - 56087 and 86701

    86701's debut in Colas colours! 56087, Rugby by 60163, on Flickr 86701, Rugby by 60163, on Flickr 86701, Rugby by 60163, on Flickr Bonus: 92032, Rugby by 60163, on Flickr
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    Colas Trials (56 & 86) 24.10.12

    From WNXX: 4Z56 Rugby to Milton Keynes Colas Rugby 1015 Rugby 1024-1036 Long Buckby 1049 Northampton 1100 Hanslope Junction 1109 Milton Keynes 1115 4Z86 Milton Keynes to Rugby Milton Keynes 1139 Hanslope Junction 1146 Northampton 1157-1220 Long Buckby 1231 Rugby 1243-1247 Colas Rugby 1300