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    Your experiences of unbelievable rolling stock diagram allocations (past and present)

    Got a pic of 168322 at Moor Street about to do the run down to Marylebone, 14/7/16. Both coaches already full. Not sure whether it was calling at the usual stops or running non-stop or whatever though.
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    Alliance Blackpool service to be run by Grand Central and start in 2021

    Euston to Blackpool North ECS up on RTT for tomorrow:
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress (includes images)

    Got excited at this one for Tuesday 9th, but down as a 350 - have they sent 350s on this route for any reason, or is it just timed as a 350 or something? Sorry for any daft questions, have been out of the loop with this.
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    Unusual animals that can be seen from UK trains

    I know the SVR has been mentioned already, but it was amusing going there for the first time solo a few years ago, getting home and my dad asking "What did you see there?" with me replying "An elephant"
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    Class 88 UKDual & EuroDual

    I know it's a while away and not terribly important, but would this mean there's a decent chance of an 88 being on display at next April's Multimodal event in Birmingham?
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    Should AT300's be ordered for CrossCountry and East Midlands Trains

    Absolutely, but which locos? 67s?
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    What do you (dis-)like most about train travel within the UK?

    Sadly unless sleep-inducing gases can be tactically leaked out of the headrest of the inevitable loudmouth moron/pack of morons/mewling child's seat, all the changes to UK rail travel will never be able to stop people from being people.
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    Actress tips water over man sat in seat for not giving it up

    As a lifelong Blackadder fan, I would sit on the roof if Miriam Margolyes told me to. As long as she could slap me and shout 'wicked child!' first.
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    Midland Metro T69s?

    The new Urbos 3 trams are well into their deployment, but what will become of the old T69s? Apparently 01, 03, 04, and 07 have gone to the 'tram test centre' at Long Marston, according to Wiki. I know it's a bit late to ask.
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    Class 68 Progress, what's the latest?

    Probably wrong thread so apologies, but I don't suppose there's a chance of an 88 being ready in time for the Multimodal exhibition in Birmingham in April/May next year is there? Seeing 68005 was a blast
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    Flying Scotsman and her multiple disguises...

    Wot, no LoadHaul? Aw.
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    Bham Moor St disused bay platforms

    Yeah I did mean platform 5, thanks for the replies all.
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    Bham Moor St disused bay platforms

    Hello all, Apologies if this has been done to death or discussed elsewhere. My question is: Is it monumentally shortsighted of Chiltern or whomever to essentially sever Platform 4 from the main line, and is it inevitable that growing amounts of traffic will require it to be re-opened in...
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    New Builds for the future

    Two ideas: A replica of the Fell Locomotive. And it's not technically a new-build, but sacrificing two 08s to make a replica Class 13.
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    Anyone any idea on the livery for the Virgin ecml trains. Cheers

    So we won't finally be seeing any Virgin Challengers then? Shame :wink:
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    Most 'endangered' units/locos?

    Hello all, What is/are, in your opinions, the rolling stock with the least amount of time left? I'm weighing up the next day out and am wondering what's the best thing to focus on in terms of having less time to photograph it, e.g. 142s or EC HSTs. Hope everyone had a great Christmas...
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    Mallard to steam again?

    Definitely keep Mallard in the museum, three A4s is enough. Agree that City of Truro and others should have money flung at them instead of 4472. On a side note, I'd like to see locos swapped around with other preserved examples from their classes - e.g. a knackered 40 could be switched with...
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    Photographing Class 56s

    Tamworth, on the Washwood Heath - Boston Docks steels train. Can throw up a 66 or a 70 sometimes. 56096, Tamworth by JH Stokes, on Flickr
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    Crewe Heritage Centre Modern Traction Gala- 2014 - D1842

    Is the 46 still under the tarpaulin? Will some of it be lifted off for the event? Cheers.
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    What does 'thrash' mean?

    Some self-observed thrash at Crewe - as one punter quips, 'That's what we call putting on a show, I think...'