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  1. D306

    Tornado in London Phots of Tornado in London and there's one of Clan Line in there somewhere comments?
  2. D306

    Inside Out East tonight BBC1

    Tonight on Inside out in the east of the region is a special about the dangers of level crossings. Seeing as we all know about the dangers, it'll probably be good to watch. just thought I'd post this to let you all know. If you don't live in the east, it'll be available on iPlayer later.
  3. D306

    East Midlands Parkway comments?
  4. D306

    Miller Street

    Hi all. As an extension is being done to my house over the coming months, I've got some space for a model railway. I've chosen to use Miller Street from the BVE route, NWM. Below is an image of what it's supposidly going to look like. the black dots resemble signals before you ask. I'm...
  5. D306

    [NON RAIL] Some photos

    I'll post anything that I think is good enough that I've taken over the coming year that isn't railway related here. comments?
  6. D306

    Where is this signal?

    Not had this for a while so here goes
  7. D306

    NVR Autum Diesel Gala some shots from today. Will be adding videos over the coming week comments? and yes, that is Aureol in the way of this shot ;)
  8. D306

    new railcards?

    Just been on the national rail website, and more railcards have been added. Was wondering when they were introduced?
  9. D306

    EMT via Barrow Hill 08/09 to 13/12

    Because of works on the Bradway Tunnel East Midlands Trains Sheffield - London services are diverted via Beighton Junction and Barrow Hill from today until December 13th. Services are still basically clockwork so you should be able to work out full times from the following: 1C33 1218...
  10. D306

    Railpower, Barrow Hill Some pics from yesterday. Videos from yesterday: comments?
  11. D306

    NVR Autum Diesel Gala 3/4/5 October

    From Preserved Diesel forum In attendance: D9516, D9520, D9523, 20069, 25057, 31271, 37518 (Debut in it's new Livery), 40106, (D306), 47270, 56312, 66727, 73136, 117 DMU, 107 DMU, Sentinal DL83+Barabel Lineup looks good so far. Over the coming week and possibly next, the final confirmation...
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    The Electric Scot Tribute

    Spitfire Railtours announce new tour with 87002 Only thing is, it's on a Wednesday
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    Jubilee line anyone?

    From EmergencyBrake on TSC Wahey. Downloading now
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    bug specialists?

    anyone know what this bug is? I've just evicted it from my room
  15. D306

    Nuneaton 23/07/2008 Just gave my new camera a thorough testing. Some of the pics have been cropped as they wern't in range, and NO it wasn't one of those silly meetups like earlier in the year, was just a day of photograpghy
  16. D306

    The Tall ships charter, Liverpool and Banbury 19/07/2008 Many pics taken today. Last time I use my S5700 before I get my S9600 next week. Plenty of pics. My fav ones are below
  17. D306

    BVE5 :-o:-o
  18. D306

    good places

    Hey all. Any good places on the net to look for locos/scenery and stuff for OO/HO guage? I've done some searching an found some good sites, but I think I need to see some more. Can anyone help me?
  19. D306

    The Meridian Mariner THE requested OUTWARD ROUTE WOLVERHAMPTON-Cosford-TELFORD CENTRAL- SHREWSBURY-Gobowen-WREXHAM GENERAL-Saltney Jn-CHESTER-Mickle Trafford Jn-Helsby-Frodsham-Acton Grange Jn-WARRINGTON BANK QUAY-Winwick...
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    Police admit 'wrong' armed arrest