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  1. TC60054

    NRCoT Section 14.2 query

    Hi all, I've just tried using a combination of tickets (Sheffield - Derby, Derby - Tamworth, West Mids Day Ranger) onboard the 0820 from Sheffield (which doesn't call at Tamworth) under the belief that this combination is valid as per section 14.2 I was told by the train manager that the...
  2. TC60054

    Can you help the National Tramway Museum?

    The National Tramway Museum’s collections are one of the most comprehensive collections of tramcars and tramway history in the world and all the collections are Designated as being of National importance. At the core of the collection is the tramcar and associated works vehicle collection which...
  3. TC60054

    New Tramway Signage

    Noticed these signs going up the other day now around my local stop on the Sheffield Supertram, but as yet I've not actually noticed them at any other stop, or found out exactly what they're for. They seem to be around both sets of traffic lights at either end of the stop - does anyone know what...
  4. TC60054

    Class 333s

    Morning folks, I'm in need of one remaining class 333 unit now in West Yorkshire, 333009. I've heard that it's currently being used as a "Christmas Tree", but does anyone know any different or if true have any information on when it may return to service? The latest I can find of it was 10...
  5. TC60054

    TC60054's Random Trips Out

    Been reading through the trip reports here and I think it maybe time for me to start posting proper reports. I mean, it's not as if there's any harm in doing so is there? ;) So, to start with... 11/06/16 Yesterday I decided it was time to take a trip out on another £10 Northern Rail...