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    R.I.P. Dame Vera Lynn

    Some very sad news, the forces sweetheart, Dame Vera Lynn, has passed away at the age of 103. R.I.P Someone who boosted the morale of the British people during WWII and has been in our hearts ever since, condolences go out to her family.
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    Florian Schneider, Founding Member Of Kraftwerk Dies Aged 73

    In some sad non-covid related news founding member of one of the most important bands in history has died after a short battle with cancer. As part of Kraftwerk he managed to change the music landscape inspiring many artists from pop to rap/RnB. Autobahn exposed so many more people to electronic...
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    Sit coms/dramas etc that could be rerun in the next few months?

    Completely forgot about this, a bit of light relief from all the panic buying,
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    Eurovision: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #7 originally in this thread. Well there was Telex With Eurovision in 1980, although they were trolling really and became annoyed when they didn't come last. The original version of the song, (n)Eurovision cements that. and an almost German entry for 2003 was Scooter -...
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    SWR Salisbury to Corfe Castle Saturday Summer Service

    It ahs been recently announced that SWR are going to do a trial service from Salisbury to Corfe Castle, this will be via Yeovil and Weymouth on the outbound/return leg with there being and extra Wareham to Corfe Castle and return shuttle. Fares will be £10 return from Salisbury up until...
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    Crewkerne level crossing horn repeater/warning device

    Just went out for a quick walk to see a train as I have done for years and noticed at the foot crossing in the field adjacent to Crewkerne LC there were 2 new poles erected each with 2 boxes attached, a solar panel and an aerial (one either side of the path on the Crewkerne side). Cables were...
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    SWT driver training run from Salisbury to Weymouth

    Looks like there was a driver training run for the summer services from Salisbury to Weymouth today. Just saw a 159 departing Weymouth and looking at RTT would seem to be these services, 5Z17 to Weymouth and 5Z18 returning. Looks to be going via Westbury and Yeovil pen mill.
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    Paul Daniels Passes Away

    Confirmed at 8:49 by the BBC and later on twitter by his son. Paul Daniels has passed away in the early hours of this morning. Another sad day for Entertainment in this country, a quality act in every sense of the word. Thoughts go out to...
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    "plans" for faster trains from Weymouth to London Waterloo

    Just seen this on the Dorset Echo website, Whilst slightly quicker journeys would be nice and the West Of England Main Line does need fully double...
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    Taunton or Crewkerne to Farnham

    This is just a check for future travel for my uncle. He checked the price of return travel (returning a few days later) for a trip to Farnham. He ended up going form Crewkerne as it was cheaper that from Taunton, however, when I checked I looked to see what the price was if he went from taunton...