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  1. adamedwards

    Kings Cross ‘uncrossed’ Layout/Remodelling - Information and Updates

    Curious to know how much faster Finsbury Park to Moorgate is now in comparison to the old route via Kings Cross. I would assume substantially faster due to less distance and electric acceleration.
  2. adamedwards

    Cyclists - your experiences on the road

    Ok, so just off a road, but an excuse to share the fab restoration of Nast Hyde Halt on the Alban Way cycle route, before Lockdown, my commuter route to Thameslink at St Albans.
  3. adamedwards

    Stations with short platforms that aren't

    Hendon on the down slow. Rear car of an 8 car 700 stays shut, but on the platform. This is however on a curve, so I assume a sightline issue? (Did once get on a 12 car at Hendon when services in a mess with the rear 4 cars not opening, which was impressive!)
  4. adamedwards

    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    Hambleton to Leeds is only useful for a train heading from Doncaster to Leeds. Aside from Sunday diversions, I'm not aware of any train that goes that way. You'd need a half hourly service 7 days per week to make the case for wiring. The scheme years ago was about diverting the London to...
  5. adamedwards

    MML Electrification

    On the East Coast Main Line at Connington headspans have been replaced with booms (hope that's the correct terms) because of dewirings, so I would assume similar work would be feasible on the MML. There's picture here showing the masts looking oddly tall...
  6. adamedwards

    MML Electrification

    So when are the 91s running under power? Good news and good progress.
  7. adamedwards

    Renovation of St Albans City

    I assume the determining factor will be clearance over the overhead wires. As these dip down under the road bridge one would hope that would determine the height. As there is never going to be a 125mph limit through the curve, I cannot see any reason to allow for full height wires as on GWR.
  8. adamedwards

    Trivia - two-platform stations which have huge variation in platform length

    Dovey Junction is a curious 2 platforms in a V shape. The Aberystwyth platform is huge as it's designed to allow 2 trains in opposite directions to use it at the same time. Quite a hike if getting off a train from Barmouth changing for Aber
  9. adamedwards

    Trivia: Splitting big stations in to separately named bits

    Manchester (Piccadilly) General and Manchester Castlefield. Ormskirk North and Ormskirk South .
  10. adamedwards

    Trivia: Splitting big stations in to separately named bits

    So your challenge is to take a station and using your knowledge of railway history and naming conventions devise some suitable names for the credible separate bits. For example, using Wrexham as my model, Stevenage should be: Stevenage General p1-4 and Stevenage Exchange for the new p5...
  11. adamedwards

    MML Electrification

    In British Rail days things like foundations for masts got put in before schemes were authorised to keep the crews working and speed up projects, so maybe the team could just keep going north of MH? They can get to Wigston before anything complex is needed.
  12. adamedwards

    Railway 'islands': areas accessible by public roads but only by level crossings.

    Barnes Common cricket ground on Vine Road is between two crossings on the lines to Waterloo. Youngest was very amused to be trapped between the trains!
  13. adamedwards

    Kings Cross ‘uncrossed’ Layout/Remodelling - Information and Updates

    Fans of railways and maps will love the National Library of Scotland side by side map: In this case 1895ish Kings Cross showing the inside of the train shed next to the modern view. The...
  14. adamedwards

    Renovation of St Albans City

    My understanding is the bridge has to go south of the road bridge (which is indeed about the only place it realistically can). Stairs to the island platform will be tight but then the passengers will be split between the two. The talk I heard this at given by a GTR member of staff to local...
  15. adamedwards

    EMR Class 360's

    OK, so next mad idea: 345s take over Heathrow connect releasing the 5 x 5 car 360/2s, which I'd like to think might be similar enough. Can they be used to do driver training and then some of the Corby trains to release 222s? 5 x 5 car replacing 5 x 4 or 5 car 222s with maintanence cover from...
  16. adamedwards

    EMR Class 360's

    365s to the rescue? How many would you need to run the exisiting (hourly) Corby service and how many 222s would that release to reduce the need for HSTs? If EMR can be seen to minimise the need for HSTs that would surely help the case for extending the use of the few which are left, if they can...
  17. adamedwards

    Points north of Hatfield (Herts) station

    Just curious to know if these points from fast to slow lines are ever used in regular traffic, eg a once per day route knowledge routing. They are looking very dull in comparison with the well used tracks they connect.
  18. adamedwards

    5x Class 153 conversion to bike and baggage vans for Scotrail

    Nice. But I still don't know if I can put my tandem in so I can holiday in Scotland with my disabled partner. The I7C trains are reported to be getting Trailer Guard Second carriages, not least as someone has realised this means the Guard doors can stay manual so cutting costs. The TGS used...
  19. adamedwards

    Stevenage platform 5

    Looking at the video, is the floor surface in around the barriers now? Trip hazards would of course stop opening, but leaving the barriers open would not.
  20. adamedwards

    Disused lines with cycle paths

    You will see the restored Nast Hyde Halt which even has a short bit of track: